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Stonewall Award Selections

Explore nominees and winners of the American Library Association's Stonewall Award for excellence in gay and lesbian fiction.

Louise Welsh
The Cutting Room
When an antiques dealer in Glasgow stumbles onto a collection of violent pornography, he is moved to search for the collection's creators…and victims.
David Leavitt
Equal Affections
As Louise Cooper struggles with a chronic illness, her husband and children cope, gracefully and otherwise, with their own issues about mortality.
Michael Cunningham
A Home at the End of the World
Jonathan, Bobby and Clare take turns telling the story of their lifelong relationship, which is equal parts love, compassion and friendship.
Julie Anne Peters
Keeping You A Secret
High-school senior Holland befriends a transfer student who is interested in starting a lesbigay club at school.
Christopher Bram
Lives of the Circus Animals
A close-knit group of friends and lovers, all of whom work in and around New York's theatre scene, navigate the complex issues of sex, love, and the meaning of life.
Jeffrey Eugenides
Calliope Stephanides makes a discovery about herself that changes her outlook on life-to say nothing of her family tree-forever.
Robin Lippincott
Mr. Dalloway
This homage to Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway chronicles one day in the life of Richard Dalloway and his secret lover, Robert Davies.
Nina Revoyr
L.A. native Jackie Ishida uncovers some difficult truths about her family when her grandfather's involvement in the 1965 Watts riot comes to light.
Jacquelyn Holt Park
A Stone Gone Mad
Emily, a gay teenager, struggles with her family's disapproval and resists their efforts to change her sexual identity.
Allan Hollinghurst
The Swimming-Pool Library
After saving the life of a British Lord, young William Beckwith is chosen by the grateful peer to write the Nantwich family history.