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Romance is in the air...

Fall in love. Or at least read about it.

Crusie, Jennifer
Bet Me
He likes Elvis Costello. She likes Elvis Presley. Can this relationship be saved? Only if Min and Cal can get past their first impressions of each other. It doesn't help that Min accidentally overhears what she thinks is a bet between Cal and Dave, Min's ex-boyfriend, over whether or not Cal can get Min into his bed within a month. Sound confusing? It only gets more interesting as the pages roll by. This sultry, yet witty, romance has Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fashionable shoes, a mischievous stray cat, snow globes, chicken marsala, show tunes, and not one, but two mothers from hell--who could ask for anything more? Even if you think you don't like romance novels, you should try Bet Me. Odds are, you'll really enjoy it
Capote, Truman
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Capote's classic novella is less romantic than its celebrated movie counterpart, but still offers its share of tender moments. The story revolves around the enchanting young starlet turned high-society item du jour, Holly Golightly, who enchants everyone she meets with her naive, yet undeniably charming attitude towards life. As our narrator begins to realize his love for her, he must reconcile his feelings with her desire to find her own place in the world. Breakfast at Tiffany's is light-hearted, witty, and sweetly sad
Crowley, John
The Translator
In the grip of the Cuban Missile Crisis, college student Kit Malone and the Russian Innokenti Falin - poet, teacher, and Kit Malone's personal eros - forge a relationship out of the small gems glimmering out of the shadows of their pasts. See how two people can use language to translate not just poems, but also their own, deeply affected selves.
Freethy, Barbara
Golden Lies
Beautiful Paige comes from a privileged San Francisco family and seems to have it all. Riley unexpectedly enters her life when he accompanys his grandmother to her family's business with a dragon, that may be a very expensive antique. Their passion grows as they work together to solve the mystery of who stole the dragon and why.
Grayson, Elizabeth
Moon in the Water
In 1867 Missouri, steamboats are king. When Chase, a country-born riverboat pilot, is offered the newly designed and built Andromeda in exchange for marrying the owner's refined and well-educated stepdaughter, Ann, it's a chance that he cannot ignore. But, he doesn't entirely trust the offer or Ann's stepfather. Ann is already pregnant when they marry, and Chase soon begins to suspect that her stepfather abused her. He becomes extremely protective and treats her with gentle respect, but can Ann trust him after all she's been through? Despite their disparate backgrounds and the circumstances that bring them together, Ann and Chase find themselves beginning to enjoy each other's company. Will their growing love and attraction become enough to keep Ann with Chase?
Johnson-Hodge, Margaret
True Lies
Rick's five-year-old daughter, Kanisha, is the center of his world, but his relationship with her mother has turned sour. Gina is young, likes to be out partying (without Rick), and does not take motherhood seriously. Rick is working overtime as a corrections officer at Rikers to support his family when he meets Dajah. Despite the intense sparks between them, Dajah is not a risk taker and does not get involved with men who are already attached in any way. After Gina moves out, Dajah and Rick fall for each other hard. Rick has a grand plan to keep his daughter close by while romancing Dajah. A unique love story that captures the importance of family and true fulfillment, True Lies is truly intriguing.
Kinsella, Sophie
Can You Keep a Secret?
Emma is a new marketing assistant at the Panther Corporation, who is trying hard to settle into a stable career. Emma is dating Connor, also a Panther Corporation employee (market research). Everyone believes they are the perfect couple. Connor is tall, gorgeous, and an up and coming professional. Emma, however, is not so sure of their perfection. Returning from a business trip, Emma's plane hits severe turbulence, and Emma reveals all of her embarrassing secrets (how she lost her virginity, her secret escapes to Starbucks with a co-worker during office hours) to the man next to her, only to find out the following week that he's the owner of Panther Corporation! As if that isn't embarrassing enough, she begins to fall for him.
Kluger, Steve
Almost Like Being in Love
Travis (history geek) and Craig (super jock) meet at boarding school during their senior year, 1978. They fall deeply in love, spend the summer together after graduation, and then go off to college on opposite coasts, Travis in California and Craig at Harvard. Craig ends up in Saratoga Springs, New York, with a successful legal practice and a fulfilling, if contentious, twelve-year relationship with Clayton, owner of a construction empire. Travis remains in California, a history professor who puts his wild baseball-inspired spin on American History 101. His unfulfilling love life leads him to seek Craig twenty years after they parted. With wry wit and endearing charm, Kluger offers a truly romantic tale told in a slightly offbeat series of letters, memos, narrative, and journal entries.
Malladi, Amulya
The Mango Season
At the height of the mango season, 27-year-old Priya returns home to India after a seven year absence to finally tell her family about Nick, her American fiancé. Priya knows her traditional Brahmin family will have a difficult time accepting her decision to marry an American, but she certainly doesn't expect it be so difficult to even approach the subject. That is until her family organizes a pelli-chupulu, an arranged meeting with a prospective groom and his parents. Though opposed to arranged marriages, especially as she's already engaged, Priya is torn between her family's Indian traditions and the life she has created with Nick in America. Amulya Malladi brings the oppressive heat, the intoxicating smells and the vibrant colors of India alive in this charming story of love, family and tradition.
Roberts, Nora
Honest Illusions
Magician Max Nouvelle and his young daughter Roxanne are the main attraction in a traveling circus. Along the way, they come across a scruffy, street-smart kid named Luke who is on the run from his abusive parents. Luke shows signs that he is a clever boy, and they bring him into the family business. Soon, Luke finds out that one of the family businesses is conducting elaborately planned jewel heists from wealthy people who can afford to lose the money. As they become adults, a spark grows between Luke and Roxanne, and their romance is tried and tested. The intrusions of a scoundrel named Sam Wyatt provide just enough intrigue to keep the story from becoming too saccharine.
Wright, Courtni
Espresso for Two
Sam and Brandi own businesses adjacent to each other in the Takoma Park area of Washington, D.C., and their businesses have become their lives. Brandi's independent bookstore thrives because of her attention to the customers, many of whom she considers friends, and her passion for the community (she lives not far from the store). Her business is helped by Sam's coffee shop next door. He's just as passionate about coffee as Brandi is about books. Though both are committed to remaining single (so they can focus on work), there is a growing attraction between them. Their steamy romance begins over Sam's delicious hot chocolate, and their magnetism becomes impossible to ignore.