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Restless Romantic

M/M romances from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's GLBT collection on the First Floor of the Main Library.

Baumbach, Laura
Mexican Heat
While working undercover to bring down a big-time crime boss, Detective Gabriel Sandalini falls for a rival drug lord's right-hand man. Will either of them survive their secrets?
Beecroft, Alex
False Colors
John Cavendish doesn't know that the first mission under his command is a suicide mission. But his first lieutenant Alfred Donwell does. Captain Cavendish also doesn't know that his lieutenant has a dark secret. When his previous captain, and lover, joins the crew, Lt. Donwell must choose between his past and his future.
Bodies of Work
When his best friend, and now roommate, becomes the victim of a stalker, police lieutenant Mike Foster must face his feelings as well as the perpetrator.
Hardy, Donald
Lover's Knot
After inheriting his family's estate, a young man needs to come to terms with what happened during his only summer there many years before and he must do it before his current lover loses his life.
Kennedy, Sean
Tigers and Devils
At a party, Simon vehemently defends Declan, the star quarterback, in an argument not knowing that he is listening to the exchange. This is the beginning of a relationship that supports both of them in a rough year, but they struggle to keep their connection a secret from the prying eyes of the press.
Michaels, Tere
Faith and Fidelity
When two New York City detectives try to drown their sorrows, they find each other, friendship, and love. But their jobs, families, and lives might not be so understanding.
Rowan, Lee
When their ship is taken over by a cruel pirate, David Archer sacrifices himself to protect the man he secretly loves. Will his efforts be rewarded and will they ever escape?
Watson, Felicia A.
Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela
While in an abuse counseling program for hurting his wife, Logan Crane finds himself drawn to the counselor, Nick Zales. Both have poor track records in love. Can they find a way to cure each other?

Updated: 9/10/2011