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Repeat Performances

A list of books we love to read again and again.

Adams, Richard
Watership Down
The classic tale of rabbits on the move.
Auel, Jean M.
Clan of the Cave Bear
A young woman separated from her kin is adopted by another tribe.
Bronte, Charlotte
Jane Eyre
Part bildungsroman, part mystery, part romance, all wonderful.
Dick, Philip K.
A theological detective story with Gnostic secrets and a pink laser.
Fowles, John
The Magus
A young Oxford grad begins his teaching career on a remote Greek island, but finds himself in a tangled knot of manipulation, hallucination and reincarnation.
Hulme, Kerri
The Bone People
Three misfit friends become family on the shores of New Zealand.
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
Gift From the Sea
A timeless classic, filled with deep insight and powerful wisdom.

Updated: 07/20/2009