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Redd-up Reads

Ten Books to Help You Get and Stay Organized

Blanke, Gail
Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life
TX324.B53 2009
Can you find 50 things in your home/office/life that you should get rid of? This book will guide you through the process of de-cluttering the rooms in your house, cleaning up your work space, and clearing your mind of unnecessary objects and thoughts that hold you back. Who knows, once you're done, you might like to try 50 more.
Common Sense Storage: Clever Solutions for an Organized Life
qTX309.C66 2010
Examples and ideas for organizing every room in your house. Storage solutions and spaces that you may never have considered are pictured in detail.
Doland, Erin Rooney
Unclutter Your Life in One Week: A 7-Day Plan to Organize Your Home, Your Office, and Your Life
TX309.D75 2009
For those of you who work best with a deadline, tasks are assigned to each segment of the day: at home in the morning, at work, and home again in the evening. But realistically, it might be best to divide this project into one week for work and one week at home. Includes helpful checklists and pertinent questions to really make you think about what to keep and why.
Leeds, Regina
One Year to an Organized Work Life: From Your Desk to Your Deadlines, the Week-by-Week Guide to Eliminating Office Stress for Good
HD69.T54 L4358 2009x
Just in case you work life needs some redding up . . .
Morgenstern, Julie
When Organizing Isn't Enough: SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life
TX324.M667 2008x
Not only an organizing book, with this guide you can also SHED whatever is holding you back emotionally to become ready to accept and embrace change.
Palmer, Brooks
Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back
TX324.P33 2009
Examines the psychological reasons behind living with too much clutter. Suggestions include living in the past, fear of change, and addiction. Once problems has been identified, there are exercises to help work through the demons that can clutter your life.
Phillips, Ellen
Kick the Clutter: Clear Out Excess Stuff Without Losing What You Love
TX309.P56 2007
Starts by getting you into the proper mindset and offers a set of guidelines for decision making, then moves room by room, inside and outside the house, to help you part with items you no longer need, want, or love.
Rockmore, Alicia & Welch, Sarah
Pretty Neat: The Buttoned-Up Way to Get Organized & Let Go of Perfection
BF637.T5 R63 2010
No one is perfect and perfection is not an attainable goal. It's better to think of cleaning and organizing just enough to fit your needs and lifestyle.
Smallin, Donna
The One-Minute Organizer A to Z Storage Solutions
TX309.S627 2008
This is literally an alphabetical list of everything you have in your home, with suggestions of how to store it all properly, effectively, and efficiently.
Walsh, Peter
Lighten Up: Love What You Have, Have What You Need, Be Happier with Less
HG179.W3164 2011
Peter Walsh, organizing guru, has now moved on to cleaning up your financial life. He teaches you how to deal with the mountain of debt and the underlying emotions that cause it in the first place.

Updated: 5/11/2011