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A Concert of Fiction

Whether it's popular or classical, historic fiction or chick lit, one of these titles should catch your ear!

Charbonnier, Rita
Mozart's Sister: A Novel
A fictionalized account of Maria Anna Mozart, musical prodigy and sister of Wolfgang Amadeus, who is forced to sacrifice herself for her brother.
Cohen, Joshua
Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto: A Novel
In Carnegie Hall, a violinist's "cadenza" is a book-length speech about 20th century culture. Written in a unique and challenging style, but worth the effort.
Drucker, Eugene
The Savior
A German violinist required to play for the inmates in a concentration camp must question his own morality.
Echenoz, Jean
Ravel: A Novel
The detailed and elegantly written story of the last ten years of composer Maurice Ravel's life when, at the height of his fame, he tours the United States and composes
Murray, Melanie
Good Times, Bad Boys
Echo Brennan is a rock journalist who hasn't quite broken into the business. Her boyfriend Matt is a one-hit wonder until she breaks up with him, inspiring him to write a successful new album enumerating everything she's done wrong in the relationship. All of a sudden, she has a reputation - as the awful ex-girlfriend!
Romano-Lax, Andromeda
The Spanish Bow
Politics, history and music overlap in this story of a trio that tours Europe during the early 20th century: the young Feliu Delargo, who escaped poverty through the cello; his friend, mentor and rival, pianist Justo Al-Cerraz; and the mysterious violinist, Aviva.
Wener, Louise
Goodnight Steve McQueen: A Novel
Danny McQueen's girlfriend gives him 6 months to realize his lifelong dream of being a pop star.

Updated: 06/09/2009