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Zombies of the 21st Century

Finished all the standard zombie novels? Give one of these a try!

Gaynor, Jerome
Bogus Dead (anthology)
Gaynor sent out solicitations to numerous cartoonists from around the world, laying the groundwork of his theme -- "zombie apocalypse." 42 contributions were returned to him, ranging from the highly professional to the amateur, from the deadly serious to the comedic.
Gunter, Miles
In Japan, the authorities are no good against the living dead, so it’s up to a ninja, a samurai, and a monk team up to battle the zombies... no, this isn’t the setup to a bad joke. This is an action-packed book where the martial arts meet the modern, quick and dangerous breed of zombie that have been appearing in recent movies.
Kirkman, Robert
Marvel Zombies
The superheroes of the Marvel Universe turn into zombies in this entertaining parallel-world miniseries.
Kirkman, Robert
The Walking Dead (series)
This tale of the zombie apocalypse focuses on Rick Grimes and his family, and the various other survivors traveling with them. As they go in search of a secure place they can settle, at least for a while, Kirkman explores how the stresses and sorrows of the new world affects each of the characters.
Mikamoto, Rei
Reiko the Zombie Shop
In this popular manga series, Reiko is a “necromancer for hire” who reanimates the loved ones of clients so they can have some last-minute time together.
Mills, Scott
Zebediah the Hillbilly Zombie Redneck Bites The Dust
The story of this book is a little hard to follow, but it concerns a mad scientist and his army of zombies, which he's using in an attempt to take over some peaceful elves. However, the most memorable feature is Zebediah, a zombie who tries really, really hard to overcome his zombie nature and be a good guy. A quick read, but one you definitely won't regret.
Powell, Eric
The Goon
The Goon is the only man who stands a chance against the Zombie Priest and his undead army. This series is full of action, and one of the funniest contributions to the genre.


Paffenroth, Kim
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell On Earth
Been looking for a serious, scholarly treatment of the zombie movie genre? Wait no longer. Paffenroth explores the more philosophical themes of Romero's work, from racism to consumerism to theology. He also takes a good look at how the zombie is actually a reflection of humanity's darker side. Paffenroth links Romero to a tradition including Dante's Inferno, as well as other classic works of apocalyptic or monster lit. This award-winning book goes a long way to legitimizing a genre that is normally thought of as mindless, escapist violence.


George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
Although zombies have definitely taken over, and are showing signs of growing intelligence, a group of wealthy survivors still lives comfortably in a fortified downtown building. The rest of the remaining humans, however, live on the streets, and must learn to cope with their new role in the world.
Dawn of the Dead
This is an updated version of the George Romero classic about survivors hiding from zombies in a suburban shopping mall. The zombies are scarier, the effects are much slicker, and the characters are somewhat different, but the message is quite a bit the same.
Shaun of the Dead
This comedic send-up of the zombie movie genre is both hilarious, and a worthy contribution to the zombie-lover's collection.