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Holiday Fiction

Heartwarming tales for the holidays.

Alexander, Carly
The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus
For three very different women trying to get what they want, it is a Christmas where miracles happen, love is magical, and changing their lives is as simple as changing their outfits.
Andrews, Mary Kay
Blue Christmas
It's the week before Christmas, and antiques dealer Weezie Foley is in a frenzy to garnish her shop for the Savannah historical district decorating contest, which she intends to win. But suddenly things start to go missing from her display, and there seems to be a mysterious midnight visitor to her shop.
Dickey, Eric Jerome
Naughty or Nice
A seasonal tale features the story of three very different sisters, each with her own set of man problems, and follows themes of humor, romance, and holiday spice.
Fried, Ronald K
Christmas in Paris, 2002
In December 2002 Joseph Steiner, recently laid off from his TV exec job, comes to terms with post-9/11 life while visiting Paris with his wife.
Guinn, Jeff
The Great Santa Search: as told to Jeff Guinn by Santa Claus Himself
A new reality television show entitled "The Great Santa Search" holds a competition to find the "real" St. Nicholas, and Santa is determined to beat out any rivals for his true title.
Guinn, Jeff
How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas
Remaining in England while her husband works to establish holiday traditions in the New World, Mrs. Claus organizes a protest march through the streets of Canterbury when the Puritan government makes the celebration of Christmas illegal.
Medlicott, Joan
A Covington Christmas
When it is discovered that one of Covington's former pastors had never been ordained, thus rendering invalid a number of weddings performed forty years earlier, the ladies of Covington plan a group wedding for several affected couples.
Nicholaus, Bret
The Christmas Letters: a Timeless Story for Every Generation
The nine letters Grandpa hands to his family each contain a personal story of how they brought joy to him.
Pilcher, Rosamunde
Winter Solstice
Winter solstice represents darkness and also hope, renewal, and rebirth. Five very different people come together in this setting, ranging in age from teenagers to mid-sixties, each of whom must confront very different challenges or losses.
Schaap, James Calvin
Startling Joy: Seven Magical Stories of Christmas
This heartwarming read is both moving and magical and will help readers usher in a joyful Christmas season, even amidst the howling winds of winter.
VanLiere, Donna
The Christmas Hope
Meeting a troubled five-year-old girl during the holiday season, social worker Patricia Addison and her husband, Mark, find themselves working through past sorrows and reevaluating their faith.

Updated: 06/09/2009