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Watching the Detectives

Graphic Novels about Mystery and Crime

Bendis, Brian Michael
Powers: Psychotic PTB
Detective Deena Pilgrim is holding a dark secret, one destroying her life at every turn.
Chandler, Raymond
Raymond Chandler's Marlowe: The Graphic Novel
Chandler's characters are presented to a new generation through a new medium.
Koslowski, Rich
The King
Intrepid reporter Paul Erfurt gets the scoop on a mysterious Elvis impersonator.
Miller, Frank
The Big Fat Kill
Bootleggers, gamblers, politicians--criminals have always called the shots in Sin City.
O'Donnell, Peter and Jim Holdaway
Modesty Blaise: Bad Suki
The dark underworld of crime is lit up by the fatal charms of Modesty Blaise.
Pruett, Joe
The Untouchables
A hard-boiled, alternate take on the days of the mob and the officers who hunted them.
Ricketts, Mark
A 1950s Greenwich Village beatnik seeks love and spiritual enlightenment, but instead finds himself embroiled in a mystery.
Rucka, Greg
Gotham Central: Half a Life
When Renee Montoya is implicated in a murder, her colleagues start treating her differently.
Sala, Richard
Mad Night: Featuring Judy Drood, Girl Detective
Co-ed corpses, a missing camera, costumes, pirates, and mad scientists. Avast!
Tardi, Jacques
The Demon of the Eiffel Tower
Why are people disappearing from Paris's Pont-Neuf? And what is causing a sudden outbreak of bubonic plague?