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Funny People With Great Attitude

Wisdom and wit combine to produce thought-provoking laughter.

Adams, Scott
Stick To Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!
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Scott Adams' departure from cubicle world provides not only a delightful adventure for his fans, but a great way to get to know the guru of the workplace.
Crosley, Sloane
I Was Told There'd Be Cake
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From an assortment of cringe fests, like the simple act of baking cookies and having fun with icing which ends up as a portrait of the boss from hell, to locking herself out of her apartment twice on the same day, Sloane Crosley turns disasters into hilarity.
Lancaster, Jen
Such a Pretty Fat
PS3612 .A54748 Z46
How can anyone make dieting and exercise, the ball and chain of losing weight, funny? The answer is unmerciful, yet affectionate ridicule. That and always imagining the worst, grousing, procrastinating, yet persisting in spite of all odds, self-inflicted or not.
Notaro, Laurie
The Idiot Girl And The Flaming Tantrum Of Death
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Notaro's back and her very real talent of making you laugh one minute and your eyes well up with tears the next has, if anything, become even more potent.
Rosenberg, Saralee
Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead
This is a funny and warm romp through the minefield of suburbia that sometimes careens so wildly there are times when you may fear falling off the lawn.

Updated: August 27, 2008