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Food Through the Ages

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Allen, Stewart Lee
In the Devil's Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food
TX631.A45 2002
Interlaced with sinfully good recipes, indulge in this delightful armchair book that covers the history of various forbidden foods over the century.
Pitte, Jean-Robert
French Gastronomy: The History and Geography of a Passion
TX637.P57 2002
France's geography and history greatly influenced its culinary development. Learn how it affected not only the French, but also influenced the way the world enjoyed and celebrating eating.
Kurlansky, Mark
Choice Cuts: A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History
TX631.C495 2002x
Mark Kurlansky, a columnist for Food & Wine and winner of the James Beard Award for Excellence in Food Writing, offers the reader "choice cuts" of over two hundred other well-renown authors, from Plato to present day who talk about food, cooking, and the love of gastronomy.
Leaf, Alexandra and Leeman Fred
Van Gogh's Table: At the Auberge Ravoux
TX637.L393 2001
Would you like to try one of the recipes that Vincent Van Gogh may have had while staying at the French inn, Auberge Ravoux, during the last months of his life? Written by a culinary historian and the former chief curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, enjoy reading about café life in the 1890's, creating recipes from the inn, and perusing a selection of Van Gogh's paintings.
Rebora, Giovanni
Culture of The Fork: A Brief History of Food in Europe
TX 641.R4313 2001x
Go back in time to the end of the fifteenth century and find out about the appetites, customs, manners and traditions that created the European love affair with food.
Shapiro, Laura
Something From the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America
TX649.A1 S53 2004
After World War II, the American food industry needed a market for its convenience food developed for the armed forces. What better market than the American housewife?
Wright, Clifford A.
A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Mediterranean, From the Merchants of Venice to the Barbary Corsairs
TX641.W75 1999
Packed with over 500 contemporary recipes, 14 historical maps, food resources, a bibliography, a pronunciation key, and an index, this detailed book covers over a thousand years of history and culinary evolution in the Mediterranean region.
Brenner, Leslie
American Appetite: The Coming of Age of a Cuisine
TX 633.B694 1999
Interlaced with the author's wit & humor, learn about the evolution of the American appetite through historical references and interviews with some of America's innovative culinary leaders.