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Fiction With Science
(That Isnít Science Fiction)

Want to read fiction about science that isnít considered ďscience fiction?Ē Try these titles!

Cox, Richard
The God Particle: A Novel
A man seeking to explain his strange symptoms after a physical injury and a physicist seeking the elusive Higgs boson particle join forces when they discover their goals are related.
Craven, Wes
Fountain Society
Evil-genius scientists, a top secret military experiment, human cloning, and immortality combine to make a suspenseful tale of conspiracy and intrigue.
Follett, Ken
Code to Zero
A rocket scientist with amnesia struggles to remember who he is and what secrets are locked inside his brain.
Margulis, Lynn
Luminous Fish: Tales of Science and Love
A collection of short stories that demonstrates scientists can be as sexy and romantic as they are intelligent.
Masiel, David
2182 kHz: A Novel
A harrowing adventure about a crew of rugged seamen and their quest to rescue a scientist stranded on an ice floe in the frigid North Pole.
Powers, Richard
The Gold Bug Variations
A complex story of science and love that weaves together genetics, music theory, biological nomenclature, and computer science into a masterpiece of intellectual fiction.
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Forty Signs of Rain
The first in a trilogy about an impending global warming-related climate catastrophe and the people who try to stop it.
Shelley, Mary
The classic story of a scientistís brilliant creation gone wrong.
Thompson, Harry
To the Edge of the World
A fictional account of Charles Darwinís famous voyage on the H.M.S Beagle and the relationship he formed with the Beagleís captain, Robert Fitzroy.
Updike, John
Toward the End of Time
Updikeís intriguingly bizarre story about the post-World War III United States and an aging man whose identity is split between multiple quantum realities.

Updated: March 27, 2009