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Fiction Bestsellers

What's hot? What's new in fiction and non-fiction? Where are the latest titles by your favorite authors? How about that James Patterson novel everyone is talking about? The Bestseller Collection, located front and center on the First Floor, has all of the above and more. Multiple copies available. Check it!

In alphabetical order by the author's last name:


Albom, Mitch
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
The world's greatest guitar player touches the heart & soul of those who listen.
Allende, Isabel
The Japanese Lover
During the Second World War, Alma, a Polish refugee living in San Francisco, meets a gardener's son named Ichimei.
Atkinson, Kate
A God in Ruins
Remarkable continuation of Life After Life finds Ursula's younger brother Teddy home from a war he thought he would never survive.
Atwood, Margaret
The Heart Goes Last
Homeless couple accept a proposition that seems (is) too good to be true.
Bagshawe, Tilly
Sidney Sheldons's Reckless
Computer-hacking terrorists want to create a new world order.
Baldacci, David
Father of a top government agent is charged with murder.
Blume, Judy
In the Unlikely Event
Chain of improbable accidents has a profound lifetime effect on the residents of Elizabeth, NJ.
Bohjalian, Chris
The Guest Room
Rowdy bachelor party becomes the scene of a double murder.
Brandt, Harry
The Whites
The accidental shooting of a young boy in the 1990's comes back to haunt, and perhaps vindicate, Detective Billy Graves.
Brooks, Geraldine
The Secret Chord
Story of King David, ancestor of Jesus, poet, soldier, musician, seducer of Bathsheba, slayer of Goliath and second ruler of the united Kingdom of Israel.
Brown, Sandra
Frictional account of a Texas Ranger trying to regain custody of his daughter.
Burke, James Lee
House of the Rising Sun
A father named Hackberry, a son named Ishmael, an Austrian arms dealer, the Hole in the Wall Gang, a prostitute linked to the Crusades and the ubiquitous Holy Grail.
Book Cover for Make Me
Child, Lee
Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel
Reacher's latest gig finds him butt-kickin' his way across the USA.
Child, Lincoln
The Forgotten Room
An eerie mansion, some bizarre behavior and a secret experiment known as "Project S".
Clark, Mary Higgins
All Dressed in White
Investigative television program features a story of a bride that disappeared on her wedding day.
Clark, Mary Higgins
The Melody Lingers On
Missing manager of a five-billion-dollar fund isn't as dead as everyone thought he was.
Cleland, Jane K.
Ornaments of Death
An antiques dealer and some priceless merchandise have gone missing.
Book Cover for 
Everybody Rise
Clifford, Stephanie
Everybody Rise
Parents, a career, old money, new money, incredible peer pressure, the Upper East Side and a single young woman trying to make sense of it all.
Connelly, Michael
The Crossing
Convinced that his client is being framed, Mickey Haller asks retired detective Harry Bosch to take a look.
Cook, Robin
Sidereal Pharmaceuticals & the Mason-Dixon Medical Center seem to have never heard of the Hippocratic Oath.
Cornwell, Patricia
Depraved Heart
Dr. Kay Scarpetta's niece Lucy is implicated in a series of serious crimes.
Book Cover for The End Game
Coulter, Catherine
The End Game
Group known as Celebrants of Earth seemingly want to save the planet by blowing it up.
Crais, Robert
The Promise
Elvis Cole, Joe Pike and a German shepherd named Maggie track a brutal killer who loves to blow things up.
Doerr, Anthony
All The Light We Cannot See
Amid the destruction of the Second World War, a young French girl and a German soldier find the good in each other.
Book Cover for A Window Opens
Egan, Elisabeth
A Window Opens
A husband, a career, a couple of kids, a dog, a house in the suburbs, the PTA and a married young woman trying to make sense of it all.
Book Cover for Tricky Twenty-Two
Evanovich, Janet
Tricky Twenty-Two
Fraternity president is arrested for assault (everybody cares) and a man is murdered in his backyard (nobody cares).
Evans, Richard Paul
The Mistletoe Inn
Two aspiring romance novelists discover romance. In each other.
Finder, Joseph
The Fixer
Man finds millions of dollars hidden away in his elderly father's home.
Book Cover for Career of Evil
Galbraith, Robert
Career of Evil
Detective Robin Ellacott receives a package containing a woman's severed leg.
Book Cover for Trigger Warning
Gaiman, Neil
Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
One of the masters of speculative fiction dazzles with his third collection of short stories.
Book Cover for A Banquet of Consequences
George, Elizabeth
A Banquet of Consequences
Law enforcement attempts to link together three apparently unrelated deaths.
Book Cover for X
Grafton, Sue
Kinsey Millhone puts her life on the line trying to bring a serial killer to justice.
Greaney, Mark
Tom Clancy Commander in Chief: A Jack Ryan Novel
U.S. President Jack Ryan struggles to keep the Russians in check.
Book Cover for Taming of the Queen
Gregory, Philippa
The Taming of the Queen
Kateryn Parr receives a proposal of marriage from King Henry VIII to become his sixth wife. It is an offer she dare not refuse.
Grippando, James
Cash Landing
Multi-million-dollar heist at the Miami International Airport.
Grisham, John
Rogue Lawyer
Attorney that only defends the worst of the worst isn't lacking for clients or enemies.
Groff, Lauren
Fates and Furies
Book follows the course of a successful marriage over a twenty-five year period.
Gruen, Sara
At the Water's Edge
A young woman reinvents herself after moving to the ever-mystical Scottish Highlands.
Hawkins, Paula
The Girl on the Train
Rachel sees something horrendous from the window of a commuter train.
Hilderbrand, Elin
The Rumor
Author with writer's block considers using her best friend's love life as a possible story.
Hilderbrand, Elin
Winter Stroll
Some ex-wives and a couple of former boyfriends will liven up any Christmas party.
Hoag, Tami
The Bitter Season
In a rather excessive act of hostility, someone hacks a professor and his wife to pieces with a samurai sword.
Book Cover for Marriage of Opposites
Hoffman, Alice
The Marriage of Opposites
19th-century woman (eventual mother of artist Camille Pissarro) creates scandal on the island of St. Thomas by marrying her deceased husband's nephew.
Irving, John
Avenue of Mysteries
Young girl with the ability to see what comes next tries to change the future.
Jackson, Lisa
After She's Gone
Young actress is (mistakenly) suspected of a crime she (probably) didn't commit.
James, E.L.
Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian
You know what he's like. Do you want to know why?
Book Cover for Naked Eye
Johansen, Iris
The Naked Eye
Crime consultant firmly believes that a serial killer has survived his own execution.
Karon, Jan
Come Rain or Come Shine
Dooley Kavanagh, Mitford's former Huck Finn look-a-like is getting married.
Book Cover for The Theory of Death
Kellerman, Faye
The Theory of Death
Group of mathematical prodigies are suspected of murder and much, much more.
Book Cover for The Golem of Paris
Kellerman, Jonathan
The Golem of Paris
A grisly murder and some heavy-duty personal problems are pushing detective Jacob Lev towards the edge.
Book Cover for Murderer's Daughter
Kellerman, Jonathan
The Murderer's Daughter
Psychologist with a tragic past becomes involved in murder.
King, Stephen
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Rewritten collection of short stories from the dream master.
Book Cover for Disclaimer
Knight, Renée
Woman discovers a novel that recreates the most horrible day of her life.
Book Cover for Luckiest Girl Alive
Knoll, Jessica
Luckiest Girl Alive
Successful young woman is hiding a variety of deep, dark secrets.
Koontz, Dean
Ashley Bell
Woman believes she was saved from certain death in order to help a stranger named Ashley Bell.
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Secret Sisters
A brutal episode from their youth returns to haunt two friends.
Book Cover for Girl in the Spider's Web
Lagercrantz, David
The Girl in the Spider's Web
Investigative journalist enlists the aid of an experienced hacker sporting a dragon tattoo (ring a bell?) in order to bring down a band of cyber criminals.
Book Cover for Go Set a Watchman
Lee, Harper
Go Set a Watchman
Is the watching & waiting for another novel by Ms. Harper Lee finally over? Yes, yes and yes again!
Book Cover for Perfect Touch
Lowell, Elizabeth
Perfect Touch
Romance coupled with a fight to survive.
Book Cover for The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine
McCall Smith, Alexander
The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine
While on vacation Precious Ramotswe feels obligated to help a young boy in trouble.
Book Cover for Circling the Sun
McLain, Paula
Circling the Sun
Early 20th-century love triangle set in Africa features a famous pilot, a fabulous writer and a big game hunter.
Macomber, Debbie
Dashing Through the Snow
Forced to share a holiday ride to Seattle, Ash & Dash find they have more in common than their names.
Book Cover for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Martin, George R.R.
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
There is a hint of dragons in this chivalrous prequel to the author's A Game of Thrones.
Meltzer, Brad
The President's Shadow
One incredible family secret, one amputated arm buried in the White House Rose Garden, a 200-year-old society established by George Washington, and an investigator with the National Archives named Beecher White.
Mitchell, David
Slade House
If you think it's hard getting into Slade House, wait until you try getting out.
Morrison, Toni
God Help the Child
Successful young woman still suffers the hurt of childhood neglect.
Morton, Kate
The Lake House
Twenty years after an eleven-month-old boy goes missing--the case is reopened.
Moyes, Jojo
After You
While recovering from an unusual accident, a young woman falls in love.
Book Cover for Wind/Pinball
Murakami, Haruki
Wind/Pinball: Two Novels
Two short novels that launched the career of one of the world's most accomplished authors.
Palahniuk, Chuck
Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread
22 twisted tales that are a perfect fit for the CLP book group LitAnalysis: Reading Fiction with Freud.
Patterson, James
Confessions: The Paris Mysteries
Tandy Angel feels she can no longer trust anyone.
Patterson, James
Cross Justice
To help his cousin, Alex Cross returns to one of the places where he grew up—Starksville, North Carolina.
Patterson, James
The Murder House
"The Murder House", a mansion by the sea, claims two more victims.
Patterson, James
Truth or Die
Attorney Trevor Mann is in possession of recently discovered information that could change the world. Not for the better.
Book Cover for Nature of the Beast
Penny, Louise
The Nature of the Beast
Young lad with the habit of "crying wolf" goes missing from a Quebec village.
Book Cover for Brush Back
Paretsky, Sara
Brush Back
Reluctantly, V.I. Warshawski agrees to help her former high school boyfriend.
Preston, Douglas
Crimson Shore
Coven of witches make a seaside village their dark and wicked home.
Book Cover for Speaking in Bones
Reichs, Kathy
Speaking in Bones
While considering a proposal of marriage, Temperance Brennan discovers new cold case evidence regarding a missing girl.
Roberts, Nora
Stars of Fortune
Disparate group of six people are mysteriously drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson
Best Friends Forever
Health and family problems require Celine Richardson to lean hard on her best friend.
Rollins, James
The Bone Labyrinth
Discovery from 50,000 years ago may transform the future of humanity.
Scottoline, Lisa
A graduate of the juvenile detention system is accused of murder.
Slaughter, Karin
Pretty Girls
Two sisters are reunited by a pair of homicides separated by twenty-five years.
Smiley, Jane
Golden Age
The Langdon family may literally lose the farm in this concluding volume of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author's "Last Hundred Years Trilogy".
Souljah, Sister
A Moment of Silence
After losing his temper (big time), Midnight fears that everything he has worked for is in jeopardy.
Sparks, Nicholas
See Me
Fellow trying to leave his troubled past behind meets someone he thinks can help.
Steel, Danielle
Freeway accident changes a TV news reporter's life for the better.
Steel, Danielle
Precious Gifts
Before he goes the way of all flesh, a wealthy financier tries to make amends with his family.
Book Cover for Girl Waits with Gun
Stewart, Amy
Girl Waits with Gun
1914 AD: in order to defend her family, Constance Kopp picks up a gun, and—to the men's surprise—knows how to use it.
Strout, Elizabeth
My Name is Lucy Barton
Visit to the hospital transforms a mother/daughter relationship.
Swyler, Erika
The The Book of Speculation
Librarian finds an antiquated, long-overdue book from the 1700s on his doorstep.
Thomas, Matthew
We Are Not Ourselves
In vogue multigenerational tale of an American family--this one from Queens, New York.
Book Cover for Code of Conduct
Thor, Brad
Code of Conduct
A powerful, top-secret organization must be brought down—or else.
Book Cover for 
Who Do You Love
Weiner, Jennifer
Who Do You Love
Boy and girl, from different socio-economic backgrounds, meet in a hospital ER and become connected for life.
Woods, Stuart
Scandalous Behavior
Some beautiful English lady gets Stone Barrington into a jam.