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Fiction Bestsellers

What's hot? What's new in fiction and non-fiction? Where are the latest titles by your favorite authors? How about that James Patterson novel everyone is talking about? The Bestseller Collection, located front and center on the First Floor, has all of the above and more. Multiple copies available. Check it!

In alphabetical order by the author's last name:


Albom, Mitch
The First Phone Call From Heaven
The citizens of a small Michigan town begin to receive phone calls from the Great Beyond.
Allende, Isabel
Maya's Notebook
Story of a young woman's recovery from drugs, alcohol and a life on the run.
Archer, Jeffrey
Best Kept Secret
British upper-crust battles against itself for all the choice offerings.
Atkinson, Kate
Life After Life
Extraordinary woman dies and dies again & again only to be reborn.
Atwood, Margaret
Final volume of the author's dystopian trilogy finds disparate groups of humans and quasi-humans fighting for survival.
Bagshawe, Tilly
Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory
You want Sidney Sheldon; you get Tilly Bagshawe. Such is life.
Baldacci, David
King and Maxwell
A soldier listed as killed in action—contacts his son. The eponymous King & Maxwell are asked to investigate.
Berry, Steve
The King's Deception
For special agent Cotton Malone it's hard to determine where the danger truly lies—in the past, present or future.
Billingham, Mark
Inherit the Dead
Many well-known authors weave a web around a wealthy woman who trusts no one.
Binchy, Maeve
A Week in Winter
Chicky Starr turns an old dilapidated mansion into a cozy seaside vacation spot.
Bohjalian, Chris
The Light in the Ruins
For just a short time an Italian family remains unaffected by the Second World War.
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Secrets from the Past
A photojournalist discovers a horrendous secret inculpating her famous father.
Brandman, Michael
Robert B. Parker's Damned if You Do
Jesse Stone investigates the murder of a young woman at a beachfront apartment.
Brown, Dan
Robert Langdon suspects that Dante's literary masterpiece is even more than it appears to be.
Brown, Sandra
Coming home from Afghanistan, the story of a lifetime is just what journalist Dawson Scott needed.
Burke, James Lee
Light of the World
New and old enemies alike are out to ruin Detective Dave Robicheaux's Montana vacation.
Chevalier, Tracy
The Last Runaway
Now in 1850 - a Quaker woman from Ohio becomes active in the Underground Railroad.
Chiaverini, Jennifer
Mrs. Lincoln's Rival
The beauty, intelligence and grace of Kate Chase Sprague inspires both admiration and envy.
Child, Lee
Never Go Back
On his way to Virginia to meet an old friend, Jack Reacher is arrested for a crime he may or may not have committed.
Clark, Mary Higgins
Daddy's Gone A Hunting
After a brief dormant period, MHC returns with a tale of arson, theft, secret identity and, possibly, murder.
Book Cover for Six Years
Coben, Harlan
Six Years
Unrequited love plays havoc with a college professor's mind.
Book Cover for Confessions of a Wild Child
Collins, Jackie
Confessions of a Wild Child
A young girl (named Lucky) is tired of being pinned down & pent-up inside her father's Bel Air mansion.
Book Cover for The Gods of Guilt
Connelly, Michael
The Gods of Guilt
Defense attorney Mickey Haller's current client is accused of murdering one of the lawyer's favorite former clients.
Book Cover for Cell
Cook, Robin
Personal physicians are being replaced by a new smartphone called iDoc. Of course, as with all technological breakthroughs, problems may occur.
Coulter, Catherine
FBI Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith has an innate ability to solve crimes—even when the victim is his own sister.
Coulter, Catherine
The Final Cut
While on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the centerpiece diamond of the Queen Mother's crown is stolen.
Day, Sylvia
Entwined with You
Entwining or becoming entwined is illegal in six southern states and Kansas.
Deaver, Jeffrey
The Kill Room
A deadly sniper and an assassin with a knife are out to give forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme a hard time.
Deaver, Jeffrey
The October List
A deadly sniper and an assassin with a knife are out to give forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme a hard time.
DeMille, Nelson
The Quest
Two journalists (male) and a lovely photographer (female) seek the Holy Grail. Sorry, no Grail here.
Dickey, Eric Jerome
There is no decadence like Hollywood decadence.
Dunant, Sarah
Blood and Beauty: The Borgias
Forgetting the artwork, scenery and cuisine, the itinerary for any traveler to 16th-century Italy contained one cardinal point: Don't mess with the Borgias!
Eggers, Dave
The Circle
The greatest internet provider in the world really likes to get to know its employees.
Evanovich, Janet
The Heist
FBI agent Kate O'Hara and a con artist team up to work a very high profile case.
Evanovich, Janet
Takedown Twenty
Stephanie Plum is hired to track down a mob boss wanted for—among other things—murder.
Evans, Richard Paul
A Step of Faith
After he loses his wife, business and home, Alan Christofferson attempts to walk from Seattle to Key West. Along the way he is robbed and beaten, then diagnosed with brain cancer. He is sent to California for treatment and perhaps another walk—towards the Golden Gate Bridge!
Fielding, Helen
Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy
Bridget must deal with growing older in an ever-changing world.
Flagg, Fannie
The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion
Do-it-all mom Sookie Poole's life is radically changed by a package she receives in the mail.
Flynn, Gillian
Gone Girl
The cloudlessly happy couple Nick and Amy Dunne are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Anyone seen Amy?
Ford, Jamie
Songs of Willow Frost
During the Great Depression an orphan believes a film star to be his long-lost mother.
Fowler, Therese Anne
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
The extraordinary lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald are certainly novel-worthy.
Frank, Dorothea Benton
The Last Original Wife
A socialite wife, long taken for granted, takes off on the road to self-discovery. And it begins at the beach.
Book Cover for The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gaiman, Neil
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
A seven-year-old boy discovers an amazing secret.
Book Cover for The Cuckoo's Calling
Galbraith, Robert
The Cuckoo's Calling
As for J.K. Rowling, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Book Cover for Fear Nothing
Gardner, Lisa
Fear Nothing: A Detective D.D. Warren Novel
Boston is under duress from a relentless serial killer.
Book Cover for Touch and Go
Gardner, Lisa
Touch and Go
A late night knock on the door changes the lives of two women forever.
Book Cover for W is for Wasted
Grafton, Sue
W is for Wasted
An apparently homeless man is found dead on the beach with Kinsey Millhone's phone number in his pocket.
Book Cover for Sycamore Row
Grisham, John
Sycamore Row
The wealthy Seth Hubbard's suicide and subsequent will opens a nasty can of worms.
Hannah, Kristin
Fly Away
Death of a woman opens new vistas for friends and family alike.
Hiaasen, Carl
Bad Monkey
Miami sheriff with a severed human arm in custody believes it should be connected to murder.
Hilderbrand, Elin
Beautiful Day
It's a lovely day for the bride and groom but all of the guests are miserable.
Hillerman, Anne
Spider Woman's Daughter
Bernadette Manualito of the Navajo Nation Police bears witness to a murder.
Hoag, Tami
9th Girl
A transient serial killer nicknamed "Doc Holiday" is stalking the young women of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hosseini, Khaled
And the Mountains Echoed
Tale of the cares and woes of an exceptional extended family.
Johansen, Iris
Taking Eve: An Eve Duncan Novel
Scant evidence suggests a man's twenty-five-year-old son may have been the victim of foul play.
Kellerman, Faye
The Beast
Either a tiger, a call-girl or quite possibly someone else killed a reclusive billionaire.
Kellerman, Jonathan
Guilt: an Alex Delaware novel
Affluent L.A. neighborhood experiences a bizarre crime wave.
Keneally, Thomas
The Daughters of Mars
Two sisters from Australia volunteer to serve as nurses during the First World War.
Kidd, Sue Monk
The Invention of Wings
Story of two remarkable women living on opposite sides of the antebellum South.
King, Stephen
Doctor Sleep
In this sort-of sequel to The Shining, the now middle-aged Danny ('call me Dan') Torrance is battling the True Knot, a preternatural band of killers. REDRUM.
Kinsella, Sophie
Wedding Night
There is a rather impulsive wedding in the works.
Koch, Herman
The Dinner
Two couples meeting for dinner, dance around the serious matter they have come to discuss.
Koontz, Dean
Deeply Odd
Odd must save three potential murder victims—if only he could find out who and where they are.
Koontz, Dean
A man and a woman living separate reclusive lives meet—for better or worse.
Krentz, Jayne Ann
River Road
Returning for her aunt's funeral, Lucy Sheridan learns that, years ago, a male acquaintance may have saved her life.
Book Cover for The Lowland
Lahiri, Jhumpa
The Lowland
Two inseparable brothers from Calcutta are torn apart by world events.
Book Cover for We Are Water
Lamb, Wally
We Are Water
Gay marriage, family secrets, art, racial turmoil, twins and a psychologist named Orion.
Book Cover for A Delicate Truth
LeCarre, John
A Delicate Truth
A high-level plot to kidnap a jihadi terrorist may or may not have been a success.
Book Cover for The Ophelia Cut
Lescroart, John
The Ophelia Cut
Moses McGuire is accused of murdering his daughter's rapist.
Macomber, Debbie
Rose Harbor in Bloom
The flowers, as well as the guests, yearn to bloom at the Rose Harbor Inn.
Margolin, Phillip
Sleight of Hand
Charles Benedict is not only an attorney, a hit man and a magician; he's a psychopath as well.
McCall Smith, Alexander
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon
Two enigmatic cases for Precious Ramotswe: 1) someone is trying to put a beauty salon out of business, and 2) someone else is trying to falsely inherit a farm.
McCann, Colum
Multi-generational saga of three intrepid Americans and their descendants at work in the great wide world.
McKinlay, Deborah
That Part Was True (Large Print)
Author Jackson Cooper and one of his readers hook up.
McMillan, Terry
Who Asked You?
Grandmother Betty Jean is forced to shoulder more than her fair share of the family burden.
Maupin, Armistead
The Days of Anna Madrigal: A Novel (Tales of the City)
Anna Madrigal, now ninety-two, takes a walk (actually a road trip in an old RV) down memory lane.
Messud, Clare
The Woman Upstairs
Feeling that life has passed her by a school teacher becomes entranced by a Lebanese family.
Mills, Kyle
Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment
New technology threatens the balance of world power.
Moore, Edward Kelsey
The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
Three young women nicknamed "the Supremes" help each other weather the vicissitudes of life.
Moriarty, Liane
The Husband's Secret
Story of the marital problems of three Australian women.
Book Cover for The Girl You Left Behind
Moynes, JoJo
The Girl You Left Behind
The 1916 portrait of a young wife has value in more ways than one.
Munro, Alice
Dear Life
Short stories concerning the Lake Huron area from an acclaimed master of the genre.
Nesbo, Jo
Police are being assassinated on the mean streets of Oslo.
Patterson, James
Cross My Heart
Alex Cross and his family are threatened by a criminal mastermind.
Patterson, James
Recently released from prison, a drug lord swears vengeance against the detective that put him there.
Patterson, James
Ben's major compulsions are films, presidential trivia (yes, presidential trivia), and a lovely woman named Diana—just found murdered.
Patterson, James
12th of Never
One week after giving birth (waaah!), Detective Lindsay Boxer is called in to solve a crime and prevent another.
Penny, Louise
How the Light Gets In
Constance Quellet - the only surviving member of a famous set of quintuplets - is murdered.
Picoult, Jodi
The Storyteller
An elderly man makes a stunning confession to his young new friend.
Preston, Douglas
White Fire
Killer arsonist is setting fire to the mansions surrounding a Colorado ski resort.
Quindlen, Anna
Still Life With Bread Crumbs
Noted photographer Rebecca Winter vacates New York for a cottage in the country.
Reich, Christopher
The Prince of Risk
Someone makes a killing when the heads of the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve are murdered while visiting the White House.
Reichs, Kathy
Bones of the Lost
Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan investigates the death, presumed to be an accident, of a young girl.
Robb, J.D.
Thankless in Death
The turkey isn't the only thing being carved up at the Reinhold house this Thanksgiving.
Rollins, James
The Eye of God
Tall tale about dark energy, the fall of the Roman Empire, Genghis Khan and the destruction of the United States.
Rutherfurd, Edward
Paris: The Novel
For his latest epic of war, skullduggery and amour, the author has picked of all places—Paris.
Book Cover for All That Is
Salter, James
All That Is
A naval officer returning home from the Second World War becomes a book editor.
Book Cover for Silken Prey
Sandford, John
Silken Prey
A political aide is murdered and everyone that's anyone is under suspicion.
Book Cover for Storm Front
Sandford, John
Storm Front
For Virgil Flowers, another ancient artifact is more trouble than it's worth.
Book Cover for Tenth of December
Saunders, George
Tenth of December: Stories
The author is unique, inventive and suddenly famous.
Book Cover for Accused
Scottoline, Lisa
Rosato & Associates attempt to reopen an apparent miscarriage of justice case.
Book Cover for A Chain of Thunder
Shaara, Jeff
A Chain of Thunder
May 1863, U.S. Grant and his Union troops lay siege to Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Book Cover for Stella Bain
Shreve, Anita
Stella Bain
During the First World War a shell-shocked American woman is found wandering aimlessly through London.
Book Cover for The English Girl
Silva, Daniel
The English Girl
The Prime Minister is the prime suspect in the case of a missing young woman.
Smith, Martin Cruz
A confrontational reporter falls to her death from a sixth-story window. Russian authorities consider it suicide; case closed. Senior Investigator Arkady Renko knows suicides rarely scream; case open.
Sparks, Nicholas
The Longest Ride
An elderly man's life passes before him after he is severely injured in an automobile accident.
Steel, Danielle
First Sight
World-renowned fashion designer Timmie O'Neill's love life has been strictly "off the rack". Until now?
Steel, Danielle
A diverse group of successful people have their lives shattered.
Strout, Elizabeth
The Burgess Boys
Two estranged brothers, both attorneys, unite to help their nephew.
Tan, Amy
The Valley of Amazement
Old and New World saga of three generations of women.
Tartt, Donna
The Goldfinch
Waifish Theo Decker is adopted into the world of Park Avenue.
Thor, Brad
Hidden Order: A Thriller
One of America's (many) top secret government agencies has just been thrown into chaos.
Trigiani, Adriana
The Supreme Macaroni Company
Valentine Roncalli attempts to juggle love, family, marriage, business, America and Italy, all while staying positive.
Turow, Scott
Good twin versus bad twin yarn.
Walls, Jeannette
The Silver Star
Abandoned by their mother, two young girls try to get by.
Weisberger, Lauren
Revenge Wears Prada
Let's start a new bridal magazine for everybody that's anybody and call it The Plunge.
Wolitzer, Meg
The Interestings
Story follows six talented teenage friends through their youth and into middle age.
Woods, Stuart
Doing Hard Time
Just for a piece of the action, the Russian mob threatens to murder Stone Barrington's son, Peter.
Woods, Stuart
Standup Guy
Stone Barrington's latest client—a courteous and well spoken gentleman—is suspected of past criminal activity.