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Fiction Bestsellers

What's hot? What's new in fiction and non-fiction? Where are the latest titles by your favorite authors? How about that James Patterson novel everyone is talking about? The Bestseller Collection, located front and center on the First Floor, has all of the above and more. Multiple copies available. Check it!

In alphabetical order by the author's last name:


Andrews, Mary Kay
Beach Town
Representative of the film industry and a small town mayor—hook up.
Atkins, Ace
Robert B. Parker's Kickback
Spenser is hired to investigate the motivation of a judge who is really, really hard on juvenile offenders.
Atkinson, Kate
A God in Ruins
Remarkable continuation of Life After Life finds Ursula's younger brother Teddy home from a war he thought he would never survive.
Baldacci, David
Memory Man
Detective with the ability to remember everything finds his entire family murdered.
Berry, Steve
The Patriot Threat
Some important files indicating that the Federal income tax is illegal are missing. Cotton Malone is called out of retirement just in time.
Blume, Judy
In the Unlikely Event
Chain of improbable accidents has a profound lifetime effect on the residents of Elizabeth, NJ.
Brandt, Harry
The Whites
The accidental shooting of a young boy in the 1990's comes back to haunt, and perhaps vindicate, Detective Billy Graves.
Brown, Sandra
Frictional account of a Texas Ranger trying to regain custody of his daughter.
Book Cover for Make Me
Child, Lee
Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel
Reacher's latest gig finds him butt-kickin' his way across the USA.
Child, Lincoln
The Forgotten Room
An eerie mansion, some bizarre behavior and a secret experiment known as "Project S".
Clark, Mary Higgins
Death Wears a Beauty Mask and other Stories
Collection of blasts from the past by the "Queen of Suspense".
Clark, Mary Higgins
The Melody Lingers On
Missing manager of a five-billion-dollar fund isn't as dead as everyone thought he was.
Book Cover for 
Everybody Rise
Clifford, Stephanie
Everybody Rise
Parents, a career, old money, new money, incredible peer pressure, the Upper East Side and a single young woman trying to make sense of it all.
Coben, Harlan
The Stranger
Life of Adam Price is forever changed by the passing words of a stranger.
Collins, Jackie
The Santangelos
A mob family doing the stuff that mob families do.
Connelly, Michael
The Burning Room
A man dies from his wounds nearly ten years after being shot.
Book Cover for The End Game
Coulter, Catherine
The End Game
Group known as Celebrants of Earth seemingly want to save the planet by blowing it up.
Coulter, Catherine
Seems that terrorists must take a number before attacking New York City. This time it's JFK and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Deaver, Jeffrey
Solitude Creek (Kathryn Dance)
Skilled psychopath likes to coerce people into harming themselves.
Delinsky, Barbara
Follows the exploits of a carpenter (not that one) who lands her own reality(ish)-based TV show called "Gut It".
DeMille, Nelson
Radiant Angel
Small group of terrorists aided by the Russians threaten Manhattan. There's a nuclear bomb in the story as well.
Diamant, Anita
The Boston Girl
Boston-born in the year 1900, Addie Baum blossoms, along with the century.
Doerr, Anthony
All The Light We Cannot See
Amid the destruction of the Second World War, a young French girl and a German soldier find the good in each other.
Book Cover for A Window Opens
Egan, Elisabeth
A Window Opens
A husband, a career, a couple of kids, a dog, a house in the suburbs, the PTA and a married young woman trying to make sense of it all.
Book Cover for The Scam
Evanovich, Janet
The Scam: A Fox and O'Hare Novel
Casino magnate, responsible for laundering vast amounts of money, draws the attention of Fox and O'Hare.
Evanovich, Janet
Wicked Charms
Lizzy and Diesel try to rediscover the lost pirate treasure of "Peg Leg" Dazzle.
Book Cover for Devil's Bridge
Fairstein, Linda
Devil's Bridge
Prosecutor Alexandra Cooper disappears while crossing the George Washington Bridge.
Finder, Joseph
The Fixer
Man finds millions of dollars hidden away in his elderly father's home.
Frank, Dorothea Benton
All the Single Ladies
Three middle-aged women are brought even closer together by the death of one of their own.
Book Cover for Trigger Warning
Gaiman, Neil
Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
One of the masters of speculative fiction dazzles with his third collection of short stories.
Gerritsen, Tess
Die Again
Rizzoli & Isles are searching for a killer that mauls his victims like a wild animal.
Book Cover for X
Grafton, Sue
Kinsey Millhone puts her life on the line trying to bring a serial killer to justice.
Green, Jane
Saving Grace
For Grace and Ted—the perfect couple—things are (way) less than perfect.
Book Cover for Taming of the Queen
Gregory, Philippa
The Taming of the Queen
Kateryn Parr receives a proposal of marriage from King Henry VIII to become his sixth wife. It is an offer she dare not refuse.
Grippando, James
Cane and Abe
Wife of well-known public prosecutor disappears.
Grippando, James
Cash Landing
Multi-million-dollar heist at the Miami International Airport.
Gruen, Sara
At the Water's Edge
A young woman reinvents herself after moving to the ever-mystical Scottish Highlands.
Hawkins, Paula
The Girl on the Train
Rachel sees something horrendous from the window of a commuter train.
Hilderbrand, Elin
The Matchmaker
Matchmaker extraordinaire Dabney Kimball is finally out to make a match of her own.
Hilderbrand, Elin
The Rumor
Author with writer's block considers using her best friend's love life as a possible story.
Hillerman, Anne
Rock with Wings
Navajo Tribal police are asked to investigate a pair of dissimilar yet extremely hurtful crimes.
Book Cover for Marriage of Opposites
Hoffman, Alice
The Marriage of Opposites
19th-century woman (eventual mother of artist Camille Pissarro) creates scandal on the island of St. Thomas by marrying her deceased husband's nephew.
Iles, Greg
The Bone Tree
In this sequel to Natchez Burning the KKK continues to pursue ex-prosecutor Penn Cage and his fiancée.
James, E.L.
Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian
You know what he's like. Do you want to know why?
Book Cover for Dance of the Bones
Jance, J. A.
Dance of the Bones: A J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker Novel
Retired Sheriff is asked to help a man wrongly convicted of murder.
Book Cover for Naked Eye
Johansen, Iris
The Naked Eye
Crime consultant firmly believes that a serial killer has survived his own execution.
Book Cover for Shadow Play
Johansen, Iris
Shadow Play: An Eve Duncan Novel
Murderer plots to get Eve Duncan before she gets him.
Kanon, Joseph
Leaving Berlin
As the cold war begins, 1948 Berlin is filled with spies, murder, secrets and skullduggery—lots of skullduggery.
Book Cover for Murderer's Daughter
Kellerman, Jonathan
The Murderer's Daughter
Psychologist with a tragic past becomes involved in murder.
King, Stephen
Finders Keepers
Famous author that refuses to write another book is murdered by an irate fan.
Book Cover for Disclaimer
Knight, Renée
Woman discovers a novel that recreates the most horrible day of her life.
Book Cover for Luckiest Girl Alive
Knoll, Jessica
Luckiest Girl Alive
Successful young woman is hiding a variety of deep, dark secrets.
Koontz, Dean
Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel
Odd Thomas has returned home with nothing left to do but settle the final score.
Book Cover for Girl in the Spider's Web
Lagercrantz, David
The Girl in the Spider's Web
Investigative journalist enlists the aid of an experienced hacker sporting a dragon tattoo (ring a bell?) in order to bring down a band of cyber criminals.
Book Cover for Go Set a Watchman
Lee, Harper
Go Set a Watchman
Is the watching & waiting for another novel by Ms. Harper Lee finally over? Yes, yes and yes again!
Lehane, Dennis
World Gone By
His empire shattered, a former crime boss decides to take his many talents to pre-revolutionary Cuba.
Leon, Donna
Falling in Love
One of opera's greatest sopranos is being stalked by a somewhat overly fixated fan.
Book Cover for Perfect Touch
Lowell, Elizabeth
Perfect Touch
Romance coupled with a fight to survive.
Book Cover for Novel Habits of Happiness
McCall Smith, Alexander
The Novel Habits of Happiness
Six-year-old boy's vivid, detailed account of a past-life experience stirs the interest of Ms. Dalhousie.
Book Cover for Circling the Sun
McLain, Paula
Circling the Sun
Early 20th-century love triangle set in Africa features a famous pilot, a fabulous writer and a big game hunter.
Macomber, Debbie
Last One Home
Cassie Carter attempts to make amends with her two sisters.
Macomber, Debbie
Mr. Miracle
Young woman finds love this Christmas with the help of her guardian angel.
Book Cover for Silver Linings
Macomber, Debbie
Silver Linings: A Rose Harbor Novel
All the broken, lonely, sacred hearts find Rose Harbor Inn.
Martini, Steve
The Enemy Inside
Counsel to the high & mighty fears (correctly) that she knows too much.
Meltzer, Brad
The President's Shadow
One incredible family secret, one amputated arm buried in the White House Rose Garden, a 200-year-old society established by George Washington, and an investigator with the National Archives named Beecher White.
Moran, Caitlin
How to Build a Girl
Teenage girl named Johanna begins to question the destructive path she has chosen.
Book Cover for Baby, You're the Best
Morrison, Mary B.
Baby, You're the Best
Mother and her four daughters are determined to have it all.
Morrison, Toni
God Help the Child
Successful young woman still suffers the hurt of childhood neglect.
Book Cover for Wind/Pinball
Murakami, Haruki
Wind/Pinball: Two Novels
Two short novels that launched the career of one of the world's most accomplished authors.
O'Nan, Stewart
West of Sunset
Chronicles the fading health and glory of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Oliver, Lauren
Family must compete with a couple of plucky ghosts for possession of an inherited mansion.
Packer, Ann
The Children's Crusade
Personal history of the Blair family from the part of California now known as Silicon Valley.
Palahniuk, Chuck
Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread
22 twisted tales that are a perfect fit for the CLP book group LitAnalysis: Reading Fiction with Freud.
Patterson, James
14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club)
The San Francisco community is shocked ( and that's saying something) by a series of grisly murders.
Book Cover for Brush Back
Paretsky, Sara
Brush Back
Reluctantly, V.I. Warshawski agrees to help her former high school boyfriend.
Book Cover for Alert
Patterson, James
Seems that terrorists must take a number before attacking New York City--this time it's an all out high-tech cyber strike.
Patterson, James
Confessions: The Paris Mysteries
Tandy Angel feels she can no longer trust anyone.
Patterson, James
Truth or Die
Attorney Trevor Mann is in possession of recently discovered information that could change the world. Not for the better.
Book Cover for Nature of the Beast
Penny, Louise
The Nature of the Beast
Young lad with the habit of "crying wolf" goes missing from a Quebec village.
Preston, Douglas
Blue Labyrinth
Special Agent Pendergast's arch-enemy is found murdered with a blue gem deposited in his stomach.
Book Cover for Speaking in Bones
Reichs, Kathy
Speaking in Bones
While considering a proposal of marriage, Temperance Brennan discovers new cold case evidence regarding a missing girl.
Book Cover for Devoted in Death
Robb, J. D.
Devoted in Death
Ex-convict and his girlfriend named Ella-Loo go on a murderous crime spree all the way from the Ozarks to Manhattan.
Roberts, Nora
The Liar
Not until after his death does a woman discover her husband was not the man she thought.
Robinson, Marilynne
A homeless woman marries the preacher that rescued her.
Sandford, John
Gathering Prey
After agreeing to help a friend, Lucas Davenport hopes he will live long enough to regret it.
Silva, Daniel
The English Spy
Member of the British Royal Family is killed by a bomb blast—Gabriel Allon is handed the case.
Simsion, Graeme
The Rosie Effect
Sequel to The Rosie Project finds Rosie pregnant and Don preparing to become a father.
Smiley, Jane
Early Warning
The heart of the country and of the Langdon family continues to beat in this second part of the American trilogy.
Smiley, Jane
Some Luck
In vogue multigenerational tale of an American family—this one from Iowa.
Steel, Danielle
Country music scene opens up a brand new world for a recently widowed stay-at-home mom.
Book Cover for 
Steel, Danielle
Man & woman being pursued by different foes for different reasons join forces.
Book Cover for Girl Waits with Gun
Stewart, Amy
Girl Waits with Gun
1914 AD: in order to defend her family, Constance Kopp picks up a gun, and—to the men's surprise—knows how to use it.
Swyler, Erika
The The Book of Speculation
Librarian finds an antiquated, long-overdue book from the 1700s on his doorstep.
Thomas, Matthew
We Are Not Ourselves
In vogue multigenerational tale of an American family--this one from Queens, New York.
Book Cover for Code of Conduct
Thor, Brad
Code of Conduct
A powerful, top-secret organization must be brought down—or else.
Watson, S.J.
Second Life
Young woman's life takes an ominous turn after becoming involved with an online stranger.
Book Cover for 
Who Do You Love
Weiner, Jennifer
Who Do You Love
Boy and girl, from different socio-economic backgrounds, meet in a hospital ER and become connected for life.