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Family Drama!

Sometimes you can't save the drama for your mama. Especially if she is causing the drama in your life. These tales of broken families and the perils of childhood can be found in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's GLBT collection on the First Floor of the Main Library.

Dykewomon, Elana
Abandonment by her father has caused Carol Schwartz to lead a life of risky behaviors. She now tutors high school students. This is an insightful examination of the changing American values from the mid-eighties through post 9/11.
Henderson, Clifford
Maye's Request
Her mother's longtime lover is her father's twin sister. Just when things couldn't seem worse for Brianna Bell, her mother is diagnosed with a fatal disease and asks Brianna to help heal the relationship between brother and sister.
Knowles, J. E.
Edith has a husband she doesn't love and feels her life lacks emotion and purpose. Her husband's same-sex infidelity leads the community to ostracize her family. This leads Edith to join her new friend Linda on a peace mission to Rwanda. What Edith encounters in Africa requires her to reexamine her beliefs, as well as her sexuality.
Linmark, R. Zamora
After living in the U.S. for 13 years, Vince decides to return to his birth country, the Philippines. He discovers that it is more difficult to go home than he imagined.
MacGregor, K.G.
Worth Every Step
Mary Kate has been given a marriage ultimatum by her boyfriend. Addison just graduated and is being pressured into working for her father's investment firm. Both just want to escape, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro seems like a perfect adventure. But when they come back down the mountain, will they be able to come back to reality?
McIntyre, Vestal
Lake Overturn
Enrique and Gene both live in a trailer park in Eula, Idaho. At school they are bullied, but they combat this by concentrating on school and each other's friendship. While researching a science project, they encounter many of the town's characters, and learn how these people overcome their own hardships.
Morrison, James
Said and Done: Stories
Intense and poignant stories of the relationships between human beings. You can often learn a lot about yourself when you examine your relationship with others.
Satyal, Rakesh
Blue Boy
Kiran is trying to live up to everyone's expectations of what a good Indian boy should be. However, he just can't seem to get the hang of it. He prefers girls' toys and ballet over cars and sports. But one day he has a revelation . . .

Updated: 6/06/2011