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Dashing Detectives

Accusation and crime make these books fascinating and suspenseful reads. Look for them and others in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's GLBT collection on the First Floor of the Main Library.

Anderson-Minshall, Diane and Jacob
Blind Faith
While investigating the disappearance of a young girl, the Blind Eye Detective Agency discovers that an ex-gay youth program is hiding some terrible secrets.
Bidulka, Anthony
Aloha, Candy Hearts: A Russell Quant Mystery
PI Russell Quant's latest case comes courtesy of a dead man. It turns into an amazing race as he follows clues from one end of Canada to the other, all while trying to plan his wedding and squeeze in a visit to his mom.
Callen, Paulette
Command of Silence
Shiloh, a P.I. with multiple personalities, is searching for the culprit who has kidnapped two children so far. But this case hits too close to home and the tenuous hold she has over her personalities may not survive intact.
Gordon, Josie
A reporter who threatens to expose the sham of the town's annual Family Values Day is murdered and it's up to the organizer of the event to solve the mystery before she's next.
Hart, Ellen
The Mirror and the Mask
Jane Lawless' first official P.I. case is to find a stepfather in hiding. This is done simply enough, but what follows isn't. This is number 17 in the Jane Lawless series.
Herren, Greg
Murder in the Garden District: A Chanse MacLeod Mystery
Detective Chanse MacLeod uncovers too many family secrets while trying to solve the murder of a senatorial candidate.
Plakcy, Neil S.
Mahu Fire: A Hawaiian Mystery
When a bomb explodes at a charity gala in support of gay marriage, homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka teams with cute firefighter Mike Riccardi to uncover the bomber, as well as his own desires.
Redmann, J.M.
Death of a Dying Man: A Mickey Knight Mystery
In post-Katrina New Orleans, P.I. Mickey Knight is trying to salvage her failing relationship and solve a dying gay man's wish to find the child he might have fathered, all while being shadowed by a beautiful new assistant.
Sherman, Scott
First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery
Kevin Connor seems to be the only one interested in finding the truth about his friend's death. Things get more complicated when Kevin's mother moves in with him and he tries to hide the truth about himself from her.
Thomas, Jessica
Losers Weepers
Shortly after coming out, a rich man's daughter is kidnapped, but not everyone in the family is convinced the girl hasn't set this up. P.I. Alex Peres takes the case and finds too many similarities with her own friend's recent murder.

Updated: 9/14/2011