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Get Lost In Cyberspace!

A cyberpunk booklist.

Cadigan, Pat
Tea from an Empty Cup
Cyberspace is becoming very dangerous, as many gamers either vanish or end up dead.
A Scanner Darkly
Truth altering drugs, paranoid reasoning and dual personality make for a tripp'in future.
Gibson, William
All Tomorrow's Parties
An incongruous group of characters, living on the dilapidated, Oakland Bay Bridge, aim to save the world.
Gibson, William
The Difference Engine
Steampunk comes to the fore, as a group of Luddites, battle the intellectual rulers of Victorian England (where Lord Byron is the Prime Minister).
Gibson, William
Mona Lisa Overdrive
A cyberspace kidnapping plot, creates big trouble for Sense/Net idol Angie Mitchell and Mona as well.
Gibson, William
A computer expert banned from cyberspace is offered a way back in, at a very high cost.
Lethem, Jonathan
Gun, with Occasional Music
P.I. Conrad Metcalf is asked to investigate the murder of Dr.Maynard Stanhunt, in convoluted, futuristic, Oakland, California.
Morgan, Richard K.
Broken Angels
After discovering on Mars, an ancient roadmap to the stars, humanity forces itself, upon the universe.
Noon, Jeff
A man searches for his sister--lost in the world of virtual reality.
Stephenson, Neal
The Diamond Age
An engineer purloins a book that turns out to be a super-computer.
Stephenson, Neal
Snow Crash
His best friend destroyed by a new designer drug, a computer hacker/pizza delivery driver, now seeks revenge.
Sterling, Bruce
Schismatrix Plus
Earthlings clutch and grab their way through the universe, using two dissimilar types of technology.
Womack, Jack
An American spy escapes from Russia back to 1939 and changes history.