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Revisit Other Worlds With Classic Science Fiction

These classic science fiction stories can redeliver you to otherworldly places.

Asimov, Isaac
I, Robot
Reread stories of sentient robots and human obsolescence in this monster of science fiction.
Bradbury, Ray
Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury's bleak vision of a world where people stop caring about books.
Card, Orson Scott
Ender's Game
A little boy goes through high-tech military training to become the savior of humankind.
Clarke, Arthur C.
Rendezvous With Rama
The story of a mysterious spacecraft and the astronauts who try to expose its secrets.
Dick, Philip K.
The Minority Report
A man builds a system to detect crime before it happens, only to become the subject of his own creation.
Heinlein, Robert
Stranger In a Strange Land
A man raised by Martians returns to earth to share his strange powers with humankind.
Herbert, Frank
Politics and ecology meet in this far-future fancy about a desert planet and its inhabitants.
Sagan, Carl
Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence creates big tension between science, religion, and politics.
Simmons, Dan
Seven pilgrims travel to the world of Hyperion on a quest for personal salvation in this space opera.
Vinge, Vernor
A Fire Upon the Deep
Humans and strange aliens cross the Milky Way Galaxy on a quest to stop a world-destroying threat.

Updated: June 4, 2009