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Read-Alike Booklists: Tom Clancy

If you like political intrigue and/or the adventures of Jack Ryan, you might enjoy these titles in a similar vein.

Dale Brown
Warrior Class
Pilot Patrick McLanahan reveals his maverick tendencies by defying the President's orders and taking a tense Soviet situation into his own hands.
Stephen Coonts
When a U. S. submarine is stolen, and its missiles fired on Washington and New York, only Jake Grafton can get to the bottom of the morass of secrets and lies that spawned terror.
R.J. Pineiro
Software whiz Michael Ryan finds himself trapped between the FBI and the IRS during a fraud investigation of the company he works for.
David Poyer
Black Storm
Set during Operation Desert Storm, this military thriller follows Dan Lenson through Baghdad as he struggles to balance his mission with his ethics.
Joe Weber
Dancing with the Dragon
Nuclear tensions between the U.S. and China grow dangerously intense as American agents prepare to kidnap a Chinese scientist, the primary designer of their nuclear arsenal.