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Baking Bread

A selection of cookbooks dedicated to that most basic and yet most gratifying food, bread.

Beard, James
Beard on Bread
TX769 .B33 1973
Sure, it doesn't have photographs, and maybe it's a little outdated, nonetheless, Beard on Bread is an inspiration. Rebelling against the lack of craftsmanship in bread production, Beard takes his reader by the hand and teaches them to appreciate not only the product but also the process of baking bread by hand. This is the book for those seeking the traditional methods of bread baking where patience and a willingness to experiment are key.
Beranbaum, Rose Levy
The Bread Bible
TX769.B365 2003
Bread isn't just a dinner accompaniment to Beranbaum, it is the very essence of good dining. The Bread Bible book reflects this zealous appreciation as the author has filled it with delightful stories and lush illustrations. The recipes though are not for novices. They require a certain understanding and mastery of the technique. This is a great book for those looking for a challenge.
Jones, Judith
The Book of Bread
TX769.J647 1982
From the very fundamentals, like kneading and rising, to delightful timesavers, like mixers and dough hooks, The Book of Bread is a thorough course in baking your own bread. The authors demystify the art of bread baking by explaining the basic concepts and providing readers with necessary adaptations that busy lives require. Recipes are easy to understand and logically arranged making this a great book for beginners.
Clayton, Bernard
New Complete Book of Breads
TX769 .C55 1987
When Clayton says "Complete," he means it. Each recipe in this classic American cookbook has been updated, revised and expanded to include modern techniques and ingredients. But, the best part of this book is the layout. Using the left margin of each page, the author breaks each recipe down into parts (ingredients, preparation, etc.) so a quick glance can help the reader determine if they have the tools and time. Although it may be intimidating to a neophyte, it is great for those looking to expand their horizons.

Updated: 1/13/2010