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It Might Be, It Could Be, IT IS...

...a booklist of fiction with baseball themes.

Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author.

Michael Chabon
A series of strange and wonderful events ensue when a 100-year-old baseball scout recruits Ethan Field, possibly the worst player to ever play the game, to help a motley team of fairies defeat an ancient enemy. Chabon's first foray into young adult literature abounds with charm, nostalgia, fantasy, and love of baseball.
Don DeLillo
Pafko at the Wall: a Novella
This literary portrait of an iconic moment in American history, "The Shot Heard Round the World" at the famed New York Polo Grounds in 1951, boasts Jackie Gleason, J. Edgar Hoover, and Frank Sinatra among its list of characters.
David Ferrell
Star pitcher Ron Kane is the best thing to happen to the Boston Red Sox in more than half a century, but when it becomes evident that he's involved in a string of serial murders in the Boston area, can management excuse his personal excesses for the sake of their winning streak? Ferrell delivers an interesting blend of back comedy and social commentary in this wry crime novel.
Bill Granger
New York Yanquis
When the high-salaried New York Yankees begin to chronically under-perform, greedy team owner "George Bremenhaven" decides to replace them with all-star Cuban players.
Mark Harris
Bang the Drum Slowly
Join the fictional New York Mammoths at home and on the road, as teammates meditate on the meanings of life, death, and friendship during baseball's golden years.
Stephen King
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
When nine-year-old Trisha McFarland gets lost while hiking the Appalachian Trail, she finds herself face to face with dangerous elements, both real and imagined. With the help of the Red Sox games on her Walkman, and the imagined companionship of baseball star Tom Gordon, she fights to survive against the odds.
W.P. Kinsella
Shoeless Joe
The inspiration for the popular movie Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe is the story of Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer who becomes compelled to carve a baseball diamond into his Iowa cornfield at the behest of a mysterious voice. By book's end, he is visited by the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson, is involved in the kidnapping of J.D. Salinger, and comes to recognize baseball as a metaphor for what's important in life.
Bernard Malamud
The Natural
Considered by some to be the best novel ever written about baseball, The Natural chronicles the mythical career of ballplayer Roy Hobbs, who seeks to become "the best there ever was".
Howard Frank Mosher
Waiting for Teddy Williams
A down-and-out drifter gains the trust of a small boy in a quirky New England town, and imparts to him the secrets of baseball.
Robert B. Parker
Double Play
With the help of an emotionally shell-shocked war veteran who is hired as his bodyguard, Jackie Robinson struggles to break the Major League color barrier in this imaginative work of historical fiction.

Updated: August 24, 2009