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Batter Up! Ten Books About Baseball

Now that spring has returned, the boys of summer aren't far behind. Read up on the history, present and future of our national pastime while you wait for the season to start.

Morris Engelberg and Marv Schneider
DiMaggio: Setting the Record Straight
GV865.D5 E6434 2003x
The authors draw on their close friendship with the late great DiMaggio to create a deeply personal biography.
Carl Erskine
What I Learned From Jackie Robinson: A Teammate's Reflections On and Off the Field
GV865.R6 E77 2005
"You're going to be with us real soon." With these words, a friendship that extended beyond the baseball diamond was born. Read all about it in Erskine's memoir of his teammate.
Ralph Kiner
Baseball Forever
GV865.K53A3 2004
Kiner shares his thoughts on the game he has played in, managed for, and announced at various points since joining the Pirates in 1946.
Bill "Spaceman" Lee and Richard Lally
Have Glove Will Travel
GV865.L36 A34 2005
Follow the Ace from Space around the world as he travels in search of the ultimate barnstorming experience.
Bill Liederman
Our Mickey: Cherished Memories of an American Icon
GV865.M33 L54 2004
Baseball's greatest players, writers, and sportscasters share their reflections on the life and career of the Yankee phenomenon.
Leigh Montville
Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero
GV865.W5 M66 2004b
Montville, a former columnist for The Boston Globe, adds to the canon of Ted Williams lore with this hefty biography.
Buster Olney
The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty
GV875.N4 O46 2004x
Take a wild trip through the Steinbrenner era in this Yankee chronicle, penned by a senior sportswriter for ESPN.
Jim Reisler
Babe Ruth: Launching the Legend
GV865.R8 R45 2004
Beginning with the trade that launched "the curse of the Bambino," Reisler describes a year in the life of Babe Ruth.
Alan Schwarz
The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics
GV877.S385 2004
If you like number-crunching, you'll enjoy this anecdotal history of baseball calculations from the invention of the box score to STATS Inc
Tom Stanton
Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America
GV865.A25 S83 2004
Stanton explores how Aaron's 715th home run was the catalyst for a variety of social changes, both within baseball and in the culture at large.

Updated: 1/6/2010