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Friend Us!

Contact Your Branch for a Friends Group

Contact your local branch manager for information about your Library's Friends group:

Branch Manager Email Phone
Allegheny Carlton Stout allegheny@carnegielibrary.org 412.237.1890
Beechview Audrey Iacone beechview@carnegielibrary.org 412.563.2900
Brookline Jessica Clark brookline@carnegielibrary.org 412.561.1003
Carrick Julianna Kuchta carrick@carnegielibrary.org 412.882.3897
Downtown & Business Karen Rossi downtown@carnegielibrary.org 412.281.7141
East Liberty Chris Gmiter eastliberty@carnegielibrary.org 412.363.8232
Hazelwood Mary Ann McHarg hazelwood@carnegielibrary.org 412.421.2517
Hill District Joyce Broadus hilldistrict@carnegielibrary.org 412.281.3753
Homewood Denise Graham homewood@carnegielibrary.org 412.731.3080
Knoxville Jennifer Pickle knoxville@carnegielibrary.org 412.381.6543
Lawrenceville Karen Brooks-Reese lawrenceville@carnegielibrary.org 412.682.3668
Main   ON HIATUS  
Mt. Washington Marian Streiff mtwashington@carnegielibrary.org 412.381.3380
Sheraden Mark Lee sheraden@carnegielibrary.org 412.331.1135
South Side Suzy Waldo southside@carnegielibrary.org 412.431.0505
Squirrel Hill Holly McCullough squirrelhill@carnegielibrary.org 412.422.9650
West End Mark Lee westend@carnegielibrary.org 412.921.1717
Woods Run Mary Beth Parks woodsrun@carnegielibrary.org 412.761.3730