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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
In the News 2013

What Pittsburgh Can Teach The Rest Of The Country About Living Well
The Huffington Post
December 18, 2013: "Pittsburgh is full of bookworms. According to's third annual ranking of the most well-read cities, released earlier this year, Pittsburgh landed in the top 10."

World through 5 lenses: 'Behind Our Scenes' gives photographers' distinct viewpoints
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
December 18, 2013: "Nearly two dozen photographs make up Leo Hsu's installation, 'Free to the People,' which replicates a library experience right down to the furniture Hsu added to the gallery to give his installation a certain 'library feel.'"

Shara McCallum shares her poetry at Oakland's Carnegie Library
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 12, 2013: "Tonight's poetry reading by Shara McCallum will be her first in Pittsburgh. Maybe it will be your first, too."

Free holiday crafting program in South Side
South Pittsburgh Reporter
December 10, 2013: "To help boost holiday spirits, the South Side Carnegie Library is hosting a free all-day do-it-yourself craft-making event Wednesday, Dec. 18, noon to 8 p.m. ., at the library, 2205 East Carson Street."

Motif of Carnegie Trees gives nod to 2013 Carnegie International
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
December 8, 2013: "Everyone from library personnel, their families, friends, neighbors and beyond helped make the paper dolls," explains [Nancy]Lewis, whose "Imagination Builders" theme included approximately 700 paper dolls made by more than 50 people. "Everyone loved it and embraced it so much," she adds.

Carnegie Trees Opening Celebration
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 9, 2013: "The holiday season got off to a festive start Wednesday when the Women's Committee of Carnegie Museum of Art hosted its annual Carnegie Trees Opening Celebration."

Movies enhance language-learning program
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
December 6, 2013: "Mango's newest product - Mango Premiere - is now available through Pittsburgh-area libraries. The program teaches users language, grammar, vocabulary and culture through foreign movies, which run with subtitles. In the "engage" mode, movie viewers can access learning materials, such as commentary about what they are seeing, the culture surrounding the film and explanations about the grammar."

Landscape architecture students bring new eyes, ideas to Pittsburgh neighborhood
Penn State News
December 2, 2013: Aaron Ramos, a fourth year landscape architecture student, has a vision for a patch of grass and asphalt in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood. It's near the building that will soon house the Hazelwood branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. He's designed an interactive landscape that he hopes will serve as more than just a library but also as a gathering place for the community.

Carrick library events for toddlers to teens in Dec.
South Pittsburgh Reporter
November 26, 2013: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Carrick, 1811 Brownsville Road, has scheduled programs for toddlers to teens during November and December.

North Side library endeavors to become teen hangout
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 23, 2013: Chastity Cook likes spending time at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Allegheny branch in the North Side to surf the Internet and do homework.

Father's fight with esophageal cancer inspires daughter
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 14, 2013: Many people are unaware of the link between heartburn and esophageal cancer or the disease's low survival rate, so Smith set out to change that by talking to a representative from the Esophageal Cancer Action Network, a Stevenson, Md.-based nonprofit, in July. That led to a partnership between the action network and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The library's East Liberty branch will host a free awareness event, ‘Taking Steps to Save Lives: Because Heartburn Can Cause Cancer,’ for the public on Tuesday.

Gerber Foundation gives $1.5 million to Carnegie Library
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 21, 2013: "The Cindy & Murry Gerber Foundation donated $1.5 million to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to improve teen services in the North Side and East Liberty."

Hot briefs: James Dasher
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 21, 2013: "James Dashner, a New York Times best-selling author, will be doing a presentation Nov. 22 at the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Oakland."

Author James Dashner was counting on 'Maze Runner'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 19, 2013: "James Dashner, author of the best-selling ‘The Maze Runner’ series for young adults, worked as an accountant for eight years, but his true heart was elsewhere. He will speak Friday evening at the Carnegie Library in Oakland as part of the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Kids and Teens series. Mr. Dashner is also author of the 13th Reality series and the Infinity Ring series, both for middle school-age readers."

Carrick library events
South Pittsburgh Reporter
November 19, 2013: "Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Carrick has scheduled programs for toddlers to teens during November."

Bike Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library seek public contribution to new zine
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 8, 2013: "Bike Pittsburgh and Carnegie Library have extended an open invitation to bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike to help create a new magazine for women bicyclists."

Devout librarian built life around service
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 2, 2103: "Barbara Anne Rogers could not be stumped as the children's librarian in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's South Side branch."

Brave faces: How Elizabeth Black's charcoal sketches of WWII soldiers survived
The Pittsburgh-born artist is the subject of a new WQED documentary, 'Portraits for the Home Front.'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 1, 2013: "She painted murals for the Point Breeze Presbyterian Church and in the early 1940s, the Works Progress Administration commissioned her to paint 25 large oil portraits of great American poets and writers for the Carnegie Library's North Side branch."

Alternative Homecoming for teens in city set for Saturday at museum
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 28, 2013: "The city of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Library and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History will for the second year host an alternative homecoming dance on Saturday, with room for 200 teens in response to growing demand for the event."

Oakland: Then and Now
Pittsburgh Magazine
October 2013: "The big difference between Oakland circa 1900 and today? Lots more parking."

War journalists share stories at Carnegie Library forum in Oakland
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
October 25, 2013: "Journalists and filmmakers who have covered conflicts around the globe shared their motivations for the work they do and the difficulties encountered on the front lines during a panel discussion on Thursday at the Carnegie Library in Oakland."

'Snicket' author to tell the truth(ish) during visit
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
October 24, 2013: "(Daniel) Handler of San Francisco will be visiting the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on Oct. 25 to give a presentation, 'Why Does Lemony Snicket Keep Following Me?'"

Do Digital Tools Belong in Preschool?
Remake Learning (Blog of the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network)
October 23, 2013: "A lot of families come to the library to have access to a computer, according to Mary Beth Parks, the coordinator of children's services at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. So librarians have an important role to play in helping families and educators use computers and other digital tools in ways that promote learning and literacy."

Fun fall programs at Knoxville library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 22, 2013: "A Halloween Pumpkin Festival, Fun with Food and Nutrition, and Family Storytime are some of the fun programs for children of all ages at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Knoxville branch this week."

Lemony Snicket's dark humor appeals to children
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 22, 2013: "Daniel Handler is a writer who wears many hats. Sometimes he is the 'official representative' of Lemony Snicket, the mysterious author of the 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' and 'All the Wrong Questions' series for children. Mr. Handler will speak Friday at the Carnegie Library in Oakland as part of the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Kids and Teens series."

Teen Book Promotion seeks to inspire reading
Obama Academy Eagle
October 19, 2013: "Simon Rafferty and Tessa Barber are two of the Carnegie Library's finest librarians. They work primarily at the East Liberty Branch, but that doesn't stop them from dropping by at a school and talking about awesome books."

Librarians can help
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 21, 2013: "Go to a library. Tell the librarian where you are in your crucial classes and where you must be for further education. Ask for a plan. You will find help."

30 Years: Already impressive list of cultural centers gets more robust
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 20, 2013: "Carnegie Library opened new and renovated branches across the city, and in 2011, voters approved a save-the-library tax worth up to $3 million a year."

West End branch of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh closes until spring for renovations
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
October 19, 2013: "Nora Bolla has been a faithful patron of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's West End branch for decades, since she was a child, and regularly brings clients from the social-service agency where she works to the library."

West End Library Closes for Renovations
WESA (90.5)
October 17, 2103: "The 114-year-old Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's West End branch is turning a new page with a series of renovations."

Frankel informs public of Affordable Care Act options
Pitt News
October 10, 2013: "A state lawmaker's office will hold a press conference on Friday to inform people who do not have health insurance, a group that includes many students, of the options that are available to them. The office of Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Squirrel Hill, plans to hold a public meeting at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill from 2 to 3 p.m. to inform members of the public about their options under the Affordable Care Act."

2 authors to address the angst of teen life
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 9, 2013: "Co-authors Siobhan Vivian and Jenny Han think a lot about the complexities of teen friendships. 'Burn for Burn' and the just-published 'Fire With Fire' are part of a young adult trilogy set on the fictional Jar Island. The authors will speak Friday at the Carnegie Library in Oakland."

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to "spruce up" its West End branch
Pop City
October 9, 2013: "One of Pittsburgh's oldest libraries is getting some major upgrades. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's West End branch will close on October 19th while the 114-year-old building gets some much-needed improvements, including a remodeled first floor, a new slate roof and a climate control system."

Technology sparks renewed interest in the South Side library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 8, 2013: "A middle school student uses an afterschool class to create music and videos. A mother brings her child to explore using an iPad. Dozens use the free WiFi. Oh, and there are books you can check out too. Those are just a few of the things you can find residents doing at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's South Side branch, which has begun to offer several interactive classes that integrate classic library resources with technology."

Sue Grafton: Writing her way through the alphabet
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 7, 2013: "A former Hollywood script writer, Ms. Grafton discusses her character's latest adventures in her new book, "W Is for Wasted." She is the second author in the Ten Literary Evenings series and speaks at 7:30 tonight in Oakland's Carnegie Music Hall."

Grafton stays on top of her game with new novel
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
October 7, 2013: "Sue Grafton's first novel, 'A is for Alibi,' was published in May 1982. Her incorrigible heroine, the private eye Kinsey Millhone, was 30 when first introduced to mystery readers

Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures head to retire
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 7, 2013: "Jayne Adair, executive director of Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures since June 2007, will retire in May of next year."

Supplementary education can offer the best lessons
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 3, 2013: "I was raised in a tradition of summer reading. As a child, I was a frequent participant in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's summer reading programs. As I got older, my school began to require summer reading. Now, I see it as a privilege. A college student rarely receives a reading assignment without the unspoken, looming threat of a pop quiz.

Fresh Perspectives: A Gay-Straight Alliance in the Library (page 38)
October 2013: Read Morgan Suity's (CLP – Main, Teen) article.

Carrick Library schedules kids programs
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 1, 2013: "Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Carrick will host a variety of programs for kids in pre-k through their teens in October."

Library heralds successes at city-wide meeting held at the South Side Branch
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 1, 2013: "Informal meetings held recently in the South Side and North Side, and sponsored by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP)'s board of trustees, allowed the community to learn about the current and future plans of the library."

Library heralds successes at city-wide meeting held at the South Side Branch
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 1, 2013: "Informal meetings held recently in the South Side and North Side, and sponsored by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP)'s board of trustees, allowed the community to learn about the current and future plans of the library."

Library heralds successes at city-wide meeting held at the South Side Branch
South Pittsburgh Reporter
October 1, 2013: "Informal meetings held recently in the South Side and North Side, and sponsored by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP)'s board of trustees, allowed the community to learn about the current and future plans of the library."

Pittsburgh Day of Giving's destiny being studied
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 30, 2013: "Suzanne Thinnes, spokeswoman for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, said the Day of Giving has cultivated a climate of philanthropy in Allegheny County."

Hazelwood residents begin razing home for Carnegie Library branch
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 21, 2013: "The demolition on Saturday of the cement wall served as a ground-breaking to start work on renovating the former church into a home for the Hazelwood branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and other nonprofits."

Officials: New tax provided boost to Carnegie library system
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 19, 2013: "Mary Frances Cooper, president and director of the Carnegie system, said the .25-mill library tax voters approved in 2011 is boosting operations. The tax brought in $3 million last year and is on track to bring in $3.9 million this year, Cooper said. The revenue has helped finance efforts to provide more outreach to preschools, the addition of laptops and dedicated teen services in libraries, she said."

Fall Arts: Lineup of speakers confirms Pittsburgh as literary hub
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 18, 2013: "This year's visiting authors and writers confirm the notion that Pittsburgh is a literary hub, with an impressive array of talent scheduled to come to town. The literary lineup includes best-selling authors, distinguished novelists, and noted nonfiction writers."

Book review: 'Kindness for Weakness' reveals lost boys behind bars
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 18, 2013: Read Erin Zambataro's (CLP - Allegheny) latest book review.

The Word: Words we could use in English
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 15, 2013: "Today we give a plug to a marvelous blog offered by group of 15 library workers at the main branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Oakland called the Eleventh Stack."

Pittsburgh origami club still knows when to fold 'em
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 13, 2013: "The Origami Club of Pittsburgh celebrates its 25th anniversary next weekend at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Squirrel Hill, where it holds monthly meetings."

CLP Board of Trustees will hold community meeting in South Side
South Pittsburgh Reporter
September 10, 2013: "Community members interested in the current and future plans of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh have two opportunities to meet and interact directly with the library's Board of Trustees."

Promise Coaches, UPMC recruiters at the Allentown Pop-Up Library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
September 10, 2013: "The Allentown Pop-Up Library, 1206 Arlington Avenue, continues family programing into the fall."

Alphabet Trails & Trails
September 9, 2013: "Citiparks is bringing stories to life with Alphabet Trails & Tails. They stopped by to give us a preview." (CLP received a "shout out -- BLAST staff and CLP - Squirrel Hill children's staff will be participating.)

Public Libraries Add Multimedia Learning to Digital Mission
Education Weekly
September 4, 2013: "At the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, students are provided options to meet different needs and interests. Educators and mentors lead workshops on weekly themes, but students also have independent-study periods where they are able to create their own projects, too."

Literary preview: Author relishes out-of-place characters
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 4, 2013: "Allison Amend, the author of two novels and a collection of short stories, is interested in 'people who are out of place for whatever reason.'"

Former Pitt teacher to talk about new novel
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 3, 2013: "(Allison) Amend appears Sept. 5 as a guest of Writers LIVE at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's main branch in Oakland."

Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest and Labsies
Pittsburgh Youth Media
September 2013: "The Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest was created to pay tribute to the Director of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Ralph W. Munn.""

Best Book Clubs In Pittsburgh
CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA)
August 26, 2013: "Slow down and settle in with a book from some of the best book clubs around."

Julie Hanify, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
WQED Radio (Voice of the Arts)
August 22, 2013: "Meet Julie Hanify, the new Head of the Music, Film & Audio Department at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Main Branch in Oakland, She talks about the first concert in the library's new "Sounds Upstairs" concert series, and about wealth of resources available to the public at the library."

First Hilltop Cultural Festival at Transverse Park a success
South Pittsburgh Reporter
August 20, 2013: "The event was an opportunity for Bhutanese residents of the Hilltop to show off some of their cultural dances, food and music, and to enjoy traditional American picnic food and fun. The event included a bounce house, a magician, face painting, henna tattoos, and lots of dancing and activities provided by the Hilltop Computer Center (YMCA), the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Knoxville, the Bhutanese Community Association and several other community service providers."

An explorer's guide to Pittsburgh neighborhoods
The Tartan (CMU)
August 18, 2013: "Favorite attraction: The Carnegie complex includes three amazing and free venues, all of which you should take advantage. First off is the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which has not only every book, magazine, or movie you could desire, but also a multitude of free events to attend. The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are next on the list: They're both free with your ID and packed with interesting and thought-provoking material. Best of all, you don't even need a bus to get there."

Allegheny asset hearings slated
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
August 17, 2013: "Allegheny Regional Asset District's board of directors will begin its hearings on 2014 allocations on Tuesday at 3 p.m."

Book reviews: Combine outdoor adventure with a great book
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 14, 2013: Read Caralee Sommerer's (CLP - East Liberty) latest book review.

The Youth Maker Library (page 20)
August 2013

The Labs @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh | Make a Movie!
The Library as Incubator Project
August 9, 2013: "Make a Movie! That's the task we presented to the teens that signed up to participate in our 3-week Super 8 filmmaking workshop titled Make a Movie!, which was made possible by a wonderful partnership between The Labs and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. And what a daunting task it was: conceiving an idea, plotting out the narrative, visualizing the shots, shooting the footage, and then editing it down into a completed audio-visual experience."

Weird Eric will perform magic at Reading Party
South Pittsburgh Reporter
August 6, 2013: "Summer Reading Club is drawing to a close and Knoxville's Summer Reading Closing Party will be held on Friday, Aug. 9 at noon, with a special performance by magician Weird Eric."

How Andrew Carnegie Turned His Fortune Into A Library Legacy
August 1, 2013: "Andrew Carnegie was once the richest man in the world. Coming as a dirt poor kid from Scotland to the U.S., by the 1880s he'd built an empire in steel - and then gave it all away: $60 million to fund a system of 1,689 public libraries across the country."

Film Notes: In brief
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 1, 2013: "A short teen-made horror film called "Chairpocalypse!" will have its premiere at the Carrick branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh next week."

This date in science: First U.S. patent issued
Earth Sky (blog)
July 31, 2013: "Hopkins discovered of a new method of producing potash and pearlash. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh explains."

New Hilltop library put on hold, Beechview will be next renovation project
South Pittsburgh Reporter
July 30, 2013: "Continuing the plan to make all of its library facilities accessible, comfortable and responsive to community needs, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has set a timeline to significantly upgrade several of its neighborhood locations."

Allegheny Regional Asset District weighs 104 requests
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
July 16, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh made the largest request at $22.6 million, compared to $21.9 million last year. The figure consists of $19.7 million for operations and $2.9 million for the Electronic Information Network that is the digital infrastructure for all libraries in the county."

Movie Effects program and more at Knoxville Library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
July 16, 2013: "A variety of fun programs and activities for kids of all ages continue through the summer at the Knoxville Library."

Conversation with Mary Frances Cooper
Comcast Spotlight
July 2013: "Guest Mary Frances Cooper, Pres. & Dir., Carnegie Library of Pgh, discusses the Summer Reading Program."

Young Adult fiction: 'Revenge of a Girl with the Great Personality' not just a makeover tale
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 25, 2013: Read Kelly Rottmund's (CLP - Main, Teen) latest book review!

Library program gets teens talking about books
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
June 24, 2013: "A dozen bird houses - hand-made by teenagers - hang from the branches of trees outside the second floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Hazelwood."

City recognized for its childhood programs
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 20, 2013: "A report shows the importance of libraries and museums in early education."

Creating space for STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 20, 2013: "Elizabeth Forward High School, for example, has repurposed an area of the library where students can gather, with a Grable Foundation grant. It's the same concept as the YOUmedia labs at several Carnegie Library branches, where new technology is available for teens, Mr. Behr noted. Students can access a TV studio or sound studio to create their own segments or music videos."

Dig into summer reading programs for kids at the Knoxville Branch Library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
June 11, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Knoxville branch is digging up fun this summer with programs and reading incentives for children of all ages."

Tonight: Experience the energy of Huang Xiang's poetry
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 10, 2013: "Described by the Poetry Foundation as "China's Walt Whitman," a multi-nominee for the Nobel Prize in literature will perform his work at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill tonight."

Carnegie Library hosts Summer Reading Extravaganza
June 9, 2013: "The Carnegie Library in Oakland hosts the Summer Reading Extravaganza, featuring free entertainment, crafts and activities."

Carnegie Library receives $30K federal grant
Pittsburgh Business Times
June 6, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will receive a $30,000 federal grant to increase services."

Kids briefs: Carnegie Library hosts Reading Extravaganza
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
June 5, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on June 9 will be hosting the 13th annual Summer Reading Extravaganza, a free outdoor event held mostly on the lawn of the Oakland library."

Mary Frances Cooper discussed summer reading.
Pittsburgh Today Live

May 31, 2013

Children's Corner: The latest batch of the 'Best Books for Babies'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 22, 2013: "Books for the very youngest readers can be deceptively simple. Often, although not always, printed on thick cardboard pages (board books) and with an elementary text and straightforward illustrations, these books can strike many adults as rather boring to read and easy to create."

Success of Pittsburgh Foundation's Day of Giving strains matching funds
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 22, 2013: "The unexpected success of the online philanthropy initiative, Day of Giving, could spell its demise."

Foundation lowers cap on Day of Giving matching grants
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
May 22, 2013: "The Pittsburgh Foundation is tweaking its Day of Giving, which annually attracts thousands of donors who give millions of dollars for charities in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties."

South Side Library programs for toddlers, teens and adults
South Pittsburgh Reporter
May 21, 2013: "Programs for people of all ages continue at CLP - South Side, 2205 East Carson Street."

What to do tonight: Jewish folktales at the Carnegie Library
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 20, 2013: "Once upon a time there was a storyteller. He knew so many stories that he didn't know what to do. Well, that's not exactly right. Alan Irvine knows exactly what to do with the stories he's accumulated over the years. He shares them."

Summer Kids
Pittsburgh City Paper
May 15, 2013: "Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Branches of the library citywide offer kids' and teens' programs - from storytime and crafting to children's yoga - throughout the summer."

With 'Bunker Hill,' author eyes humanity in history
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
May 14, 2013: "Philbrick appears May 16 at the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Oakland as a guest of Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures."

Hilltop Computer Ctr. provides free tech access and gets youth involved
South Pittsburgh Reporter
May 14, 2013: "In April, the HCC unveiled a touch screen computer kiosk Mr. Jaramillo and 15 community youth built from scratch. Partnering with the Knoxville Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP), and funded by Google Pittsburgh, the group constructed the hardware last summer and spent the next eight months fine-tuning the software and mainframe."

Allentown Community garden project
South Pittsburgh Reporter
May 14, 2013: "The Carnegie Library and the Brashear Association will join in their efforts to use part of the garden as an outdoor educational space for community throughout the summer."

'Hokey Pokey' author creates another imaginative world
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 7, 2013: Read Debbie Priore's (CLP - Main) latest book review.

Carnegie asked to scrap new library, keep two branches
South Pittsburgh Reporter
April 30, 2013: "Representatives from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) held a community workshop meeting at Temple Baptist Church on Saturday morning, to discuss with area residents progress on its proposed capital campaign project along Brownsville Road."

'Bunker Hill': Ye olde Boston strong
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 28, 2013: "With his usual skill, Nathaniel Philbrick recasts the start of the American Revolution."

Drawing Power: the Dog City Report
Dog City Press
April 25, 2013: "This past weekend Dog City trekked down from Vermont to Pittsburgh, PA for the Drawing Power conference at the Carnegie Museum of Art."

Screenwriting contest adds to high-school short fiction, poetry competition from Carnegie Library
Pop City
April 24, 2013: "Leah Durand is excited about what she'll be able to read in this year's Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest for grades 9 through 12 at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh."

Creative writing contest deadline nears
South Pittsburgh Reporter
April 23, 2013: "Creative teens with a passion for writing can express themselves through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's 2013 Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest."

Trivia Bowl Champions And Creator Talk About Competition
Pittsburgh Today Live
April 19, 2013: "Mykal Duffy and Lisa Banyas of the 'Dewey Decimators' talk about winning the Trivia Bowl Competition for the Greater Pittsburgh Literary Council."

Book Buzz and Lawrenceville Zombies
Pittsburgh Geek
April 18, 2013: "For Karen Brooks, part of her mission as manager of the Lawrenceville branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) is to engage young readers and make the public more aware of the library's many attributes."

New Proposal Marks National Library Week
Dormont-Brookline Patch
April 10, 2013: "Next week marks National Library Week throughout the country. First debuting in 1958, National Library week is sponsored by the American Library Association and observed by libraries nationwide each April."

Get updates on the new proposed Hilltop library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
April 9, 2013: "Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is holding a meeting to provide updates and discussion on the potential new library along Brownsville Road."

Mount library offering family programing
South Pittsburgh Reporter
April 9, 2013: "Beginning the week of April 14, all of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh neighborhood locations will be increasing their hours of operation."

Books for young readers: Two new books are pet projects
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 8, 2013: Read Andrea McNeill's (CLP – Hill District) latest book review.

Tonight: Book Buzz looks to reconnect adults with literature
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
April 8, 2013: "Tonight you have the chance to get your head screwed on right with Book Buzz at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Lawrenceville."

Carnegie Library plans to add hours
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
April 2, 2013: "Rosemary Merrell signed petitions and attended meetings nearly four years ago to keep the Beechview branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh open after the library board voted to close it and three others."

Book Sale at Carrick Library
South Pittsburgh Reporter
April 2, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Friends of the Carrick Library will hold a week-long book sale April 22-27."

No need to travel far to enjoy a vacation
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
March 28, 2013: "I have liked the main branch of Carnegie Library since I was a kid. All that information and entertainment in one place. But this Saturday, I noticed how peaceful everyone seemed. I suppose it happens, but I just can't see a fight breaking out in a library. Everyone seems to smile, and life moves at the pace of a turning page."

Operating on the Bleeding Edge: How a library benefits from forward-thinking
Techsoup for Libraries
March 26, 2013: "Eric Wolfe is the IT Manager of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) in Pennsylvania. CLP is a large urban library that services all of the city of Pittsburgh and is part of a larger consortium that encompasses the entire county of Allegheny. As the IT Manager, Eric manages four full-time employees who include assistant administrators, Sequel database administrators, and website administrators. The site has its own internal virtual LAN environment using VMware and approximately 30 virtual servers, all of which are managed in-house.""

VIDEO: Carnegie Library opening on Saturdays
March 22, 2013: "Just in time for spring the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh plans to open up on Saturdays. This will happen at the Downtown and Business branch, taking effect April 20th. This will keep the library open 6 days a week"

Carnegie Library branches adding hours
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
March 21, 2013: "The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh plans to open its Downtown and Business branch on Saturdays beginning April 20.""

Food for Big Thoughts: Eat & Live Healthy
The Brashear Kids (blog)
March 18, 2013: "We had picnics in Grandview Park and enjoyed visits from the Carnegie Library.""

Field Trip to Carnegie Library's Pop-Up Library
The Brashear Kids (blog)
February 26, 2013: "This past Monday, the second- and third-graders in Brashear Association's after school program at Grandview Elementary in Allentown had the opportunity to take a field trip to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's new pop-up library on Arlington Avenue, next to the Zone 3 police station"

Lecture preview: 'Paris Wife' author reveals Hemingway's first spouse
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 18, 2013: "Ms. McLain speaks tonight at 7:30 in Oakland's Carnegie Music Hall at the Ten Literary Evenings series presented by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures."

Briefing Books: A Civil War soldier's story, a novel of Steelers' female fandom, lush Greek life and more
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 17, 2013: "Mr. Schilling researched a big chunk of this book at Carnegie Library in Oakland."

'Sarajevo Haggadah' focus of this year's community literacy program
The Jewish Chronicle
March 14, 2013: The famed 'Sarajevo Haggadah' is the subject of the historical novel "People of the Book," chosen by the Allegheny County Library Association as the featured title for its 11th annual 'One Book, One Community' program.

Best-Selling author will talk about Hemingway's 'Paris Wife' at Carnegie Music Hall
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
McLain appears at 7:30 p.m. March 18 at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland as a guest of Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.

Carnegie Library Brookline Services, Hours to Increase
March 5, 2013: Services and hours are increasing at several Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branches—including the one in Brookline—thanks to a tax residents voted for in 2011, and increased revenue from county property tax reassessments.

Program Creates Buzz About Books
Bloomfield-Garfield Bulletin
March 4, 2013

Carnegie Library To Extend Operating Hours
"In today's Internet age, libraries are often forced to make cuts in hours and resources. However, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is doing just the opposite thanks to some extra funds."
February 27, 2013

Carnegie Library Gets More Revenue than Expected
"The Carnegie Library will be adding services and increasing hours at some of its 19 locations in the City of Pittsburgh because the property tax reassessment in Allegheny County has increased this year's expected proceeds by $900,000."
February 27, 2013

Carnegie Library to use tax revenue to extend hours
"The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will collect $900,000 more than it expected this year from a real estate tax and use part of the money to extend operating hours at many of its 18 branches."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
February 27, 2013

Walkabout: In own small way, use of ukuleles strikes fine chord as a lure to library
"When I was growing up, libraries were about books and nothing but books. I chewed my way through the ones in my hometown library -- not all of them, but it seemed possible. Childhood was a yawning expanse when I was going through it, and the library was small."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 26, 2012

Preview: Jennifer Haigh's new stories a requiem for coal patch characters
"Ms. Haigh will do a reading and speak at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Carnegie Library in Oakland and do a reading at 7 p.m. Friday at the Barnes & Noble in The Waterfront, Homestead."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 20, 2013

The Labs @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh | Photography Month
"Today we welcome Andre Costello to the Library as Incubator Project! Andre is a Mentor for The Labs @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; in his first guest blog for us, he shares an exciting overview of the photography programming that happening at CLP throughout February."
Library as Incubator Project
February 15, 2013

Library seeks nominations for Advocate Award
"In an effort to recognize outstanding and deserving community members who demonstrate a commitment to further library services, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is seeking nominations for its 2013 Community Advocate Award."
South Pittsburgh Reporter
February 12, 2013

America's Most Literate Cities, 2012
Pittsburgh is #4!
From Central Connecticut State University

20 Great Public Library Websites
CLP's website is #7!
February 11, 2013

'Vive la France' theme for Carnegie Library after hours bash
"Bookworms invaded the Carnegie Library in Oakland en masse Friday night for the annual "After Hours @ the Library" benefit bash."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 12, 2013

Book review: New titles celebrate Black History Month
Read Tina Zubak's (CLP – Main) latest book review.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 12, 2013

Carnegie Library's Late Night social takes on a French twist
"Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh ensured that all of the 500 in attendance during its Late Night social broke the cardinal rules of hushed etiquette on Friday, keeping its doors open at the main branch for another round of After Hours @the Library."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
February 11, 2013

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh recommends the following books
"The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh — Downtown & Business recommends the following books on real estate."
Pittsburgh Business Times
February 8, 2013

Award-winning author to present at family lit series
"Christopher Paul Curtis - Newbery Award-winning author of "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" and the 2012 book "The Mighty Miss Malone" - will be the presenter Sunday at the season finale of the "Black, White & Read All Over" Family Literature Series, presented by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
February 4, 2013

Secretly teach your kids career- and school-building skills
"For kids seeking a career that combines creativity with technology, the Labs@CLP -- Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh -- can open the door to that experience."
January 31, 2013

Allentown Pop-Up Library looks to improve life for residents
"The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has one core mission: to engage the community in literacy and learning. And while the new Allentown Pop-Up Library doesn't deviate from those principles, it does seem to go above and beyond the traditional role of a library."
Pop City
January 30, 2013

The Labs @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh | Life After the Launch, Part One: Filmmaking at The Labs
"After successfully launching a digital, multi-site makerspace initiative in a large, urban library system, The Labs team at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh got down to business with six months of exciting programming in filmmaking, graphic design, and audio recording."
The Library as Incubator Project
January 25, 2013

On the Road with Sarah Dessen
"Sarah Dessen's new novel, The Moon and More (Viking, June), does not ship for several more months. But the lucky audience - largely teen girls and young women - who turned out on January 18 for her event in Pittsburgh was the first to hear Dessen give a sneak preview."
Publishers Weekly
January 24, 2013

Kids Briefs: Special Storytime at Carnegie Library
"The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Main branch in Oakland offers weekly Inclusive Storytime sessions, designed for children ages 3 to 6 who have special needs, including autism."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
January 16, 2013

Preview: Sarah Dessen tells the truth about high school
"Ms. Dessen appears Friday at 7 p.m. in the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Oakland as part of the Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures series Black, White & Read All Over. Her appearance will be followed by refreshments and a book signing in the Carnegie library."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
January 16, 2013

Carrick library programs include help with FAFSA aid applications
"Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Carrick has a variety of upcoming programs coming up in January and February."
South Pittsburgh Reporter
January 15, 2013

BookReview: Two new books tap into fascination with Lincoln
Read Maggie Craig's (CLP - Carrick) latest book review.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
January 15, 2013

Views from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
"Recently I spent a morning with the web committee at the University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library. My thoughtful host told me that the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's main library - the flagship of the whole program - was across the street. Clearly I had to take a peek."
Walking Paper (blog)
January 14, 2013

Use libraries' resources; embrace changes in library systems
"As Pitt students, we're privileged to have two major libraries literally facing each other, and more Pitt students should venture across that grassy square, get a library card and use it."
The Pitt News
January 8, 2013

Libraries for Life
"In 2011, the Design Pittsburgh jury awarded another Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) project an Honor Award for the renovation and expansion of a branch library within the system. This is the fifth such award granted over the past eight years, and does not take into consideration awards and accolades given at the national level. What lies behind this recent dedication to these key community spaces?"
AIA Pittsburgh
January 3, 2013