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Management Team

Director's Office

  • Mary Frances Cooper, President and Director
  • Susan Banks, Deputy Director

Main Library

  • Sheila Jackson, Assistant Director, Main Library Services
  • Richard Kaplan, Assistant Manager, Main Library
    • Archivist/Special Collections: Greg Priore, Manager
    • Children's: Patte Kelley, Department Head
    • Conservation, Preservation & Access: Jacalyn Mignogna, Coordinator
    • Customer Services: Beth Lawry, Manager
    • First Floor-New and Featured: Holly Anderton, Department Head
    • Foundation Center: Peggy Domer, Senior Librarian
    • JCEC: Wesley Roberts, Senior Librarian
    • Microfilm/Photocopy: Paula Kepich, Unit Head
    • Music, Film & Audio: Julie Hanify, Department Head
    • Pennsylvania Dept.: Marilyn Holt, Department Head
    • Reference Services: Richard Kaplan
    • Shelving and Stack Services: Mykal Duffy, Manager

Neighborhood Libraries

  • Mary Monaghan, Assistant Director, Neighborhood Libraries
    • CLP-Allegheny: Carlton Stout, Manager
    • CLP-Beechview: Audrey Iacone, Manager
    • CLP-Brookline: Jessica Clark, Manager
    • CLP-Carrick: Julie Kuchta, Manager
    • CLP-Downtown & Business: Karen Rossi, Department Head
    • CLP-East Liberty: Chris Gmiter, Department Head
    • CLP-Hazelwood: Mary Ann McHarg, Manager
    • CLP-Hill District: Joyce Broadus, Manager
    • CLP-Homewood: Denise Graham, Department Head
    • CLP-Knoxville: Jennifer Pickle, Manager
    • CLP-Lawrenceville: LeeAnn Anna, Manager
    • CLP-Mt. Washington: Marian Streiff, Department Head
    • CLP-Sheraden: Ian Eberhardt, Manager
    • CLP-South Side: Suzy Waldo, Manager
    • CLP-Squirrel Hill: Jody Bell, Department Head
    • CLP-Woods Run: Martha Honores, Manager
    • CLP-West End: Mark Lee, Manager
    • Substitute Pool: Karen Meharra, Manager

Programs & Partnerships

  • Holly McCullough, Assistant Director, Programs & Partnerships
    • Adult Programming: Dan Hensley, Coordinator
    • Children's Services: Mary Beth Parks, Coordinator
    • Community Engagement and LYNCS: Maggie McFalls, Coordinator
    • Teen Services: Kelly Rottmund, Coordinator
    • Volunteer Services: Virginia Beck, Coordinator

System Services

  • Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
  • District Services: Connie Galbraith, Coordinator

Supporting Functions

  • Tina LaMark, Assistant Director, Technical and Access Services
    • Bibliographic Services: Susan Hudak, Department Head
    • Inter-Library Loan: Laura Perrier, Library Assistant II
    • Shipping: Perry Munyon, Manager
    • Catalog: Chuck Herrold, Senior Librarian
    • Collection Services: Charmaine Mozlack, Coordinator
      • Children's Collections: Lisa Dennis, Coordinator
      • E-Resources: Sarah Beasley, Coordinator
  • Linda Barsevich, Director, Finance and Administration
    • Facilities Development: Ron Graziano, Director
      • Facilities: Dale Kirchner, Manager
        • Security & Safety: Mae Carlisle, Manager
        • Custodial Services: Sam LaGamba, Manager
    • Finance: Steve Reubi, Controller
      • Financial Services: Gretchen Holewinski, Manager
      • Accounting: Lindsay Smart, Manager
  • Toby Greenwalt, Director, Digital Strategy and Technology Integration
  • Paul Vanderwiel, Director, Human Resources
    • Employment & Development: Sarina Miller, Manager
  • Karlyn Voss, Director, External and Government Relations
    • Development: Pat Quinn Winter, Director
      • Grants & Research: Melissa Firman, Manager
  • Trina Walker, Director, Communications and Creative Services
    • Communications: Suzanne Thinnes, Manager
    • Creative Services: Nancy Lewis, Manager
    • Programs & Events: Alexandra Schwall, Manager
    • E-Marketing: Carly Neal, Manager