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Susan Banks, Deputy Director: The Signal by Ron Carlson.
Before leaving Portland to begin my career at CLP, I had to turn in all of my library books and was starved for fiction after two weeks of moving across the country. In a stroke of serendipity, I picked up a short novel by Ron Carlson during a stop at CLP - South Side to get my library card. In spare and evocative prose, Carlson neatly captures the feel of the mountains and ranch lands of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and captures, too, the spirit and the voice of the people of the west. I always enjoyed Carlson's short fiction and was happily surprised to find the novel set in the same country through which my family had just spent many days traveling.

>> In September, Sue made the cross-country drive (with her husband and dog) to CLP from Portland, OR, where she proudly served as the Director of the Central Library at Multnomah County Library. As the Library's new Deputy Director she oversees the direction of the Library's Main and Neighborhood Library Services, Youth Services, Teen Services, Volunteer Services and Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped. >>

J.J Lendl, Teen Specialist, CLP - Beechview:
I just finished reading the memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, which is the true life story of a teenager trying to survive the Sierra Leone civil war. It's one of those books that is really sad, a bit depressing, very gut-wrenching ... and that I absolutely couldn't put down. When I finished it, I thought: what a tragic account - but everyone in the world should read it. Ishmael's story is true testament to the enduring nature of humanity.

>> Since starting at CLP - Beechview in March, J.J. has created a number of ongoing Teen programs including an Art Studio, Musician's Workshop, Improv Class and Creative Writing Workshop, giving neighborhood teens a local outlet for exploring the arts. >>

Sonita Lewis, Clerk, CLP - East Liberty: I have always been drawn to heroes, and a favorite read of mine is Isabel Allende's Zorro: a Novel. Follow as Diego de la Vega creates and applies his dual identities as playful, dangerously-skilled hero and elegant, hypochondriac nobleman. Learn how the legendary hero is born in this epic tale of adventure that has become the inspiration for other heroes such as Batman and Puss-in-Boots.

>> Sonita has spent almost a decade working for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, starting as a Children's page and working up to clerk with an internship in the Communications & Creative Services Department along the way. In addition to her clerical duties, she uses her degree in graphics to create dazzling monthly displays and in-house event posters. >>

Linda Lieu, Library Assistant with LYNCS (Library in your Neighborhood, Community and School): I'm reading the book The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Halloween may have come and gone but I'm still looking for a good book that'll make you imagine you're hearing things that go bump in the night. Pick up The Little Stranger for a did-I-just-hear-a-strange-noise-downstairs good time! A psychological thriller that will make you question your own sanity!

>> You may recognize Linda's contagious smile from one of her many outreach visits to Pittsburgh's neighborhoods - bringing library service to where people live, work, study and shop. As part of Linda's many duties as a LYNCS team member, she serves as an ambassador at community events, registering people for library cards, promoting library services and assisting the Library Card mascot. >>

Photo: In front: Linda Lieu, Library Assistant with LYNCS (Library in your Neighborhood, Community and School); Left: J.J. Lendl, Teen Specialist, CLP - Beechview; Right: Susan Banks, Deputy Director, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP); Top: Sonita Lewis, Clerk, CLP - East Liberty.

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