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As a teen, Godfrey Mills visited CLP - Homewood on a regular basis to search out books about Alexander the Great, the Wright brothers, Shakespeare and other people who interested him.

"I knew that no matter what I was looking for, I could come to the Library and read all about it," reminisced Godfrey. Though he was away from Pittsburgh during and after college, Godfrey has resided in the Homewood neighborhood for most of his life.

"Like any treasure, the Library needs to be supported," said Godfrey, who actively supports the Library with regular contributions through the Monthly Sustainer Giving Program. "Giving to the Library is a way to reach back to support those coming up behind me. I have been blessed, and like most areas of my life, I'm motivated to get involved and not be on the sidelines."

The Library's Monthly Sustainer Program is a convenient and secure way to do your part to ensure that the Library remains strong. Donations are transferred automatically on the fifteenth of each month from your checking account or credit card.

>> Join Godfrey and other Library supporters by signing up today. Enroll online at or contact Charla Irwin-Buncher for more information. Charla can be reached at 412.622.1873 or via e-mail at >>

Godfrey Mills
Minister, musician and longtime Homewood resident

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