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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - District Library Center Services

How to Apply Shipping Labels

Please be very careful in placing yellow labels on holds:

  • The barcode must be flat on the item to be read by the scanner.
  • When one wraps the yellow label around the spine and allows the barcode to also be wrapped around, the whole barcode cannot be read by the scanner.
  • If you are not using a yellow sticky but are using some other type of sheet with pickup library written on it, please do not cover the barcode.
  • If we put these items through the scanner, we have to remove them to locate the barcode.
  • Sometimes CDs are being wrapped with labels so that they cannot be opened up. When the barcodes are on the inside on the item, they have to be opened to scan. These are often well taped which makes it doubly hard to open. If all barcodes were on the outside….this would not be a problem but unfortunately, many items are still barcoded on the inside.